The culprit who deceived the inventors

The culprit who deceived the inventors

The boss of the Quebec Inventors’ Association, a Charlotte who deceived hundreds of people who wanted to patent their ideas, lamented a judge who found him guilty of fraud.

“In short, the defendant is a fraud who exploits public credibility […]. He acts like a Charlotte out of 21 peoplee Century, ”Judge Alexandre Dalmov told a Montreal court on Wednesday.

From 2015 to 2018, 64-year-old Christian Warin tricked hundreds of Quebec inventors into paying too much dollars to file patents in their name.

Photos by Pierre-Paul Poulin and Archives

Its structure is also well established with attractive website. It’s a single shell line, except for a blank shell.

The latter thus instilled confidence in the victims and paid them thousands of dollars, promising to help them even though he knew nothing about the process of filing patents. The person he paid to write the claims admitted during the investigation that he had written “anything” on the documents sent.

$ 1.3 million pavilion

“He exhibited complete incompetence,” the judge said, lamenting that some inventors had even lost the rights to their inventions.

With the fraudulent money, the groom built a luxury pavilion worth $ 1.3 million, which he rented at the Airbnb site.

Now that he has been convicted of fraud, the groom’s future looks very bleak. No wonder M if.e Nicholas Amerlon is seeking to have him jailed during sentencing arguments next month, while his lodge could be seized.

But the verdict on Friday for the victims was already a victory.

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“The important thing is, he stopped, I’m relieved,” one of them commented, losing about $ 10,000 in the case.

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