Dr Boileau | According to Corona virus, progressive deconfinement is planned before mid-February

I think the removal of the definition may have already begun [la mi-février]. I believe we have the ability to remove some restrictions before this, Dr. on the microphone Everything is a morning, Friday.

But before recommending this to my Minister and Prime Minister I need to talk about it with my colleagues and look at the situation better., Noticed the addition.

The number of patients admitted to hospital due to COVID-19 in Quebec peaked at 3,425 to 3,411 hospitalized on Wednesday, according to data from the National Institutes of Public Health.Disgusting (New window)Disgusting (National Public Health Institute of Quebec)

This trend continues, at the same time Friday’s report shows 60 beds have been cleared (20 intensive care and 40 short-term hospitalization), a total of 3,351 patients were hospitalized for the disease.

Data Comfort, According to Dr. Boileau. We have to follow this for the next few days, after which, I imagine, I firmly believe that we can come up with a very satisfying plan., He promised.

Recovery plan required

At a news conference on Thursday, Prime Minister Franois Legalt said There is no intention to relax health restrictions At present, it is believed that the risk of re-hospitalization is very high.

Most of them There is a mess Among businessmen, according to Michael Leblanc, Chairman and CEO Metropolitan Montreal Board of Commerce. Thus traders are in dire straits for long days And he argued in an interview with RDI on Friday that irreparable damage would occur.

We urge the government to conduct an exercise in full transparency: plan recovery and recovery, as we do in other jurisdictions., He demanded. If you’re afraid you’ve made a mistake, admit it, but make plans, report those plans, and help businesses, merchants, and employees see what is coming. Next weeks.

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In Ontario, Premier Duck Ford announced Thursday Restaurant dining rooms, gyms and bars will reopen at the end of January, but with a smaller number of customers. Restrictions will also be removed In the UK And In France, Announced this week.

We understand that there is a fatigue, Agreed with Dr. Boylo. This is a very important variable in determining public health measures, but I urge everyone to be a little more patient.

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