An antivox that has gone so far as to be irreversible

According to one expert, after losing everything against health measures, the conspirator Franசois Amaleka Pitonto can no longer retreat.

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“He was teaching at Brébeuf and studying for his doctorate, but challenging health care became the focus of his activities.

Since Sunday, Amalega Bitondo, 43, has been in pre-trial detention for violating the conditions.

Although he said he would not respect any of the conditions relating to public health, he would spend the weekend behind bars until a judge decides whether to release him on bail.

Near Radio-Canada, the conspirator was arrested Sunday during a protest against the prime minister.

This was because he could not approach Franுவாois Legault, who had come there to give an interview, under the condition of release imposed during the previous incident.

He was arrested and detained because the conspirator did not want to leave the premises. At this point, the crown resisted any release due to the risk of reconsideration.

“He’s repeatedly violating his terms,” ​​lamented Ms.e Mary-Josie Richard of the Crown recalled that several cases were pending against Amaleka Pidonto, and that in one case she voluntarily violated her terms.

He declares himself innocent

But to Amaleka Pitonto, it all seems like wind. Because, he recalled, he was still considered innocent.

“I respect the law, and I always do,” he promised, avoiding criminal punishment for detaining police officers and eight other criminals under the Public Health Act.

Thus, he demanded his release, saying that he would continue his struggle without any conditions.

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The Court of Appeal on Friday ruled that the government could create a health emergency and that it could be renewed every 10 days, unless there was a real or immediate threat to public health.

Amaleka is expected to know on Monday whether he will be released through interrogation.

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