Emergencies abound in Laurentians

The increase in consultations, the shortage of staff and the influx of tourists made the emergencies in Laurence better. The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentites urges people with non-emergency health problems to avoid going to emergency rooms in Saint-Eustach, Saint-Jerome and Saint-Agade-des-Mountains, which can reach up to 150%. Their ability.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

“We are really experiencing the peak of traffic that we usually experience during a flu season during the winter. This may be because people have postponed their consultation during epidemics and they have now decided to come for counseling,” he said. Press Miriam Saborin, CISSS des Laurentites spokeswoman.

There is a shortage of staff during the summer. “We have a lot of staff on temporary leave and vacation. This is a setback from the epidemic. We have soldiers who have gone on temporary leave or sick leave,” the spokesman said.

The increasing number of tourists to the area is increasing the need for health and social services. “We have high demands because outsiders are coming to consult with us. We face a lot of falls from mountain biking and cyclists in our area,” he said.Me Saborin.

The situation varies from one hospital to another, but it is especially important in the emergency rooms of Saint-Eustach, Saint-Jerome and Saint-Agate-des-Mont, which reached 150%, 134% and 150% of Sunday evening capacity, respectively. .

“No surprise”

On July 25, the CISS asked people to avoid emergencies in des Laurentites, Saint-Eustach and Saint-Jerome. “If Saint-Eustacht and Saint-Jerome are controlled, people will automatically go to Saint-Agate and Lacchut. After seven days, I’m not surprised that we should avoid Saint-Agate as well,” said Steve Bouchard, vice president of the Labor Union in Laurentians, Health and Social Services. CSN.

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Other hospitals are still under surveillance. “Some unexpected presents emerge in a group in the emergency room and the situation changes completely,” M warnsMe Saborin.

CISSS des Laurentites calls their family physician, their pharmacist, doctor to call or call 811 in an emergency situation to contact Info-Sande. Service

Rosemond Laundry, president and CEO of CISS des Laurentite, reminds us that emergencies are always called to the emergency room and taken care of quickly. “People with serious health problems should not hesitate to come to our emergency room. We do not want them to postpone their consultation at any time,” he said.Me Laundry in a press release.

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