Collision between bus and truck: Tragedy since 1986

A 5-year-old boy was killed and another was injured when he boarded a school bus on Tuesday in Center-du-Québec, Lyster. No such road tragedy has taken place across the district in the last 35 years.

Just after 3:30 pm, on the 8th there was a terrible collision between a large yellow vehicle and a bucket truck.e Between Rang Ouest, Fillion and Anna Roads, at L’Érable’s RCM.

According to reports, the lorry was parked on the side of the road to carry out telecommunications work. A worker was even in the basket at the time of the impact.

Then the front of the bus was severely damaged and fell into a ditch.

“The truck is effectively immobile with a man in the basket,” said Sஸ்reté du Québec’s spokesman Louis-Philippe BPU.

Photo by QMI Agency, Eric Bellefler

Infinite suffering

“The truck faced the road for a good day,” one parent said. However, this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed by SQ.

A few hours later, police finally confirmed the death of the five – year – old boy. Another 10-year-old child is still in critical condition after being transferred to a hospital in Montreal.

Early in the evening, the principal of Bon-Pastor Elementary School in Leicester sent a message to his corporate parents. “Like you, this situation makes us sad. Our pain is immense. We know our students – those who are connected to each other – will be affected by this tragedy, ”said Julie Borg, who in particular promised that the children would receive all the help they needed.

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During the tragedy, the driver was at the end of his tour, with a few more school children on board.

“We were shocked. I know the child’s family as well as the driver. We all know each other, ”explained Yves Poissonold, Mayor of Lister.

Very rare

In January 2020, a major accident involving a school bus occurred in Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, Lac-Saint-Jean. No major injuries were reported on the ship as it took off from the road.

According to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), no school child has died in a school bus crash since 1986.

The SAAQ explains that school buses are safe even without seat belts because they have a passive safety system called “compartmentalization”. This system uses the bench seats and the interior of the bus to create a safety box. Also, belts that are not used properly can compromise the safety of children.

“No, there have been no child deaths since 1986,” said Luke Lawrence, chief executive of the Federation of Bus Transporters.

The investigation continues and it is not known whether the bus driver was distracted by his young passengers. Sun blindness is also tested. The road was clear on Tuesday.

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