[EN IMAGES] Building destroyed by a potential fire in Limoilou

A fire that destroyed a building in Limoilou on Tuesday brought back fond memories of the co-owner of a restaurant called Soupe & Cie that was completely destroyed by a fire last year.

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc Vallières

The Soupe & Cie restaurant caught fire in October 2020, when health measures forced the dining room to close.

Numerous arson attacks in the neighborhood have created an atmosphere of fear in Natacha Thériault, one of the owners of the damaged business.

On Tuesday, about 90 firefighters intervened in 4e Street for a large fire that broke out behind an apartment building.

Almost permanent stress

As it plans to reopen its restaurant in the winter of 2022, Ms.Me Theoret says he experiences almost permanent stress every time something like this happens.

“There will be others [incendies] Also, the thing that scares me the most is opening my restaurant and [qu’on y] Extinguish the fire again, ”the co-owner quits.

Photo courtesy Éric Bellefleur

The 2020 disaster is not without its consequences.

“I’m scared, I’m crazy about the big fire,” he saidMe Therial. People need to put pressure [pour faire arrêter le coupable]. I can not have another fire, forget it. “

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Also, she could not think of the recent fire that took the life of a sixty-year-old man in the Saint-Roche area.

According to him, the catastrophe of this nature will cause great loss to the people who experience it, and it will be a great burden.

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc Vallières

“You still have fear. Because of all this, you are obsessed with fire, ”he says.

MMe The identity of the culprit is known to many in the area, but there is no evidence to stop him, Therial said.

“I can not wait until they pinch him,” she says.

A search?

Many citizens of Limoyillo passed by Newspaper He said they were concerned and interested that the culprits (s) should be arrested.

“It simply came to our notice then. We see this happening many times over, “said Jean Bott.

Photo courtesy Éric Bellefleur

Owner of Timom et Merwheels Boutique located at 3e Avenue, the area is said to be unaffected by repeated fires.

“It’s not very promising. Franசois Travet is giving up. We need to see where the cameras can be placed.”

Photo courtesy Éric Bellefleur

The newly elected Limoilou city councilor, Jackie Smith, has admitted to installing an additional smoke detector in his home drum.

He also pointed out that he had received a lot of messages from citizens who were concerned about the situation. He believes public safety should be assured to citizens, and that an oversight should also be considered in relation to arson.

Photo courtesy Éric Bellefleur

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