Struggle in child care centers | “Parents Need to Find a Plan B”

An indefinite general strike is being held at 400 child care centers (CPEs) in Quebec. As of Wednesday morning, more than 43,000 children were to be cared for by grandparents, neighbors or delivery parents.

Emily Piloto

Emily Piloto

⁇ [À midi], Did not inform me that the day care centers would be open tomorrow. Parents need to figure out Plan B for tomorrow, ”confirms Lucy Longchamps, vice president in charge of the private sector at the Federation de la Santé et des sociaux (FSSS-CSN). This is being discussed with the committee at the negotiating table.

CPE union members affiliated with CSN voted 92% last week in favor of an unlimited general strike order unless negotiations with the government lift the ban. Quebec has already offered substantial pay rises to educators, but the union wants the increase to be extended to cooks, special educators and maintenance workers in particular.

He said discussions between the government and the FSSS-CSN would continue “until tonight”.Me Longchamps. Other days of talks are scheduled for both Wednesday and Thursday. “Once the general strike is called, we hope there will be no suspension in the talks,” he said. The goal is to end the strike and reach a satisfactory agreement for all parents and children to find their educators and childcare center as soon as possible. ”Me Longchamps.

The Federation of Early Childhood Workers, affiliated with CSQ, has not yet announced an indefinite strike date. However, FIPEQ this week rejected the idea of ​​a strike.

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FIPEQ held talks with Quebec until Sunday and Monday evening. She has to come to the table again on Thursday.

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