February 25, 2024

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[EN IMAGES] One last chance to save the frozen fox

[EN IMAGES] One last chance to save the frozen fox

The rescue operation for the fox, which was trapped in the ice on Friday evening in the old harbor of Montreal, was still ongoing.

“This is the first time we have intervened to save a fox in the snow in this area. We’ve never seen that before, ”said Eric Dussault, general manager of Savage Animal Rescue.

His body trying to save the poor beast. A dozen rescue workers went near King Edward Wharf on Friday. Dussault confirms.

“He is hiding somewhere under the dock. If the ice melts, he will not be able to eat the birds as he does now. This is dangerous,” he warns.

This week’s record heat in Montreal melted the broken ice.

This animal was spotted earlier this week.

Image taken from Instagram gre_gg

This animal was spotted earlier this week.

The mammal is now trapped.

“The fox is now jumping from one mirror to another. But the snow is so thin that it is unthinkable that we could walk in the snow for our intervention, ”he notes.

Many are interested

The Journal noted that many interested people came to see the fox on Friday afternoon. The animal did not succeed in coming out of its hiding place for a few seconds to show itself to the fans who tried to photograph it.

“Recently an icebreaker crossed the river, destroying the way he was returning home. That’s why he’s stuck here,” says Eric Dussault.

His footprints in the snow and the many debris left Friday on the shore in the old harbor were able to observe the grief of the boat owners.

One to midnight

Rescue Animal Rescue says time is running out and they will have two ways to save the animal.

“In the last days we tried to catch him, but to no avail. [vendredi] In the old port, “says the organization’s managing director.

Video courtesy gre_gg / Instagram

If the cage does not work, rescue animal rescue to save the fox on Saturday will become another option.

“Two boats will try to catch him in a rat trap in the ice, and he hopes to swim and jump into the water to escape from us. From there, in the water, it will not swim very quickly, we can catch it,” Eric Dussault notes.