Three years in prison for causing the death of Tony Acurzo’s son

Three years in prison for causing the death of Tony Acurzo’s son

The man accused of causing the death of businessman Tony Akurso’s son after violence while intoxicated in 2018 will spend the next three years behind bars.

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“I can not go back, but I take this opportunity to apologize to everyone close to Jimmy. I understand their feelings on me. […] I can only imagine the pain Sebastien’s husband wrote in his letter to the judge.

Now 41, he said he was “sincerely sorry” for the death of his longtime friend, the “most notable person” in his life.

He pleaded guilty to criminal negligence that led to the death of Jimmy Acurzo while driving a dangerous vehicle. Weak driving charge dismissed.

Sebastien's son

Photo D’Arcives, Agencies QMI

According to a joint summary filed in court on Tuesday, the accused negotiated badly at the speed of 141 km / h, on October 26, 2018, in Laurentians, at the wheel of Tesla, which belonged to the company of the Acurzo Empire, at Saint-Marguerite-to-Lock-Mason.

In the clearing, many trees were felled. The car was traveling at a speed of 91 km / h when it hit a tree on the passenger side.

The death of Jimmy Akurso was mentioned at the scene, the latter being seriously injured by the impacts.

Lucky to be alive

That evening, the two friends drank wine at dinner and a private dinner, he told the court.

Jimmy Acurzo showed signs of advanced intoxication, which may explain the accused’s presence behind the wheel.

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However, police noticed the smell of alcohol on the line after the crash.

“I am well aware of how lucky I am to be alive today. I could have died that day,” he said. The groom underlined in his letter.

Sober man

He says he didn’t even take a drop of alcohol and started a psychological pursuit that he wants to pursue.

“I take full responsibility for my crime,” defendant Mark-Andre Dagena told the judge.

The accused was very emotional when he went to the cells, after serving three years in prison, thanks to a general recommendation.

As of Wednesday, he will be banned from driving for the next 42 months.

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