Murder case: Melissa Webb’s security hopes

At Melissa Webb’s trial two theories of cause were presented to the arbitral tribunal members, but, according to the defense, beyond a reasonable doubt, they could never convict Webb of secondary murder.

To prove David Frigan’s death in a picket at 609 Napoleon in Quebec City on September 30, 2019, three essential elements must be proven: the link between the cause of death and the illegal act and death; They need to determine if the accused has committed an illegal act.

To the Security Adviser, Mr.e Sebastian Saint-Laurent, if it is true that her client committed an illegal act, i.e. she “displayed the knife”, did not want to hit her in the face with it. Victim.

“My customer is scared”

“That day, she found herself in an apartment she did not know. Mr. unknown to her. Frigan is on the floor and when she wants to help him, he turns on his feet, raises his fist and walks towards her, ”she pleaded.

“My client was scared. He displayed a knife in self-defense. Mr. Was Frigan injured by the knife while moving? Maybe … but my client never gave up, ”he added.

Specific purpose

In the crown, after summarizing each of the testimonies given by the different actors, almost all of them came from a world where consumption was difficult, Mr.e Carolyn Munger reminded the jury that they had to rely on “memories of having different testimonies” and “feelings” that came out of them.

He invited members of the jury to question themselves about the version provided by the accused and the credibility of the latter, which was “very emotional” when questioned by his lawyer, “rather cold” when cross-examined by the crown.

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The statement “beyond a reasonable doubt” contains the word “reasonable,” and I urge you to judge Melissa’s heat and use your common sense, “the lawyer underlined in the argument.

On Tuesday, Judge Franசois Hood will give his instructions, after which the judges will be isolated.

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