Engineer Simon Hole’s questions about regret

Engineer Simon Hole’s questions about regret

A psychologist specializing in engineer Simon Hull believes that engaging in sexual touch after receiving a conditional discharge for sexual assault shows a lack of remorse.

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Simon Hoole’s case has drawn a lot of attention over the past few days. A woman accused him of grabbing her butt while traveling south.

“Obviously, in this case, it is [Simon Houle] Whether proven guilty or not, contact with the criminal justice system is not enough to stop him from making these gestures,” said Franca Cardoni, a psychologist specializing in criminology at the University of Montreal, in an interview with QUB radio on Tuesday.

The professor adds that being honest in a therapeutic process does not solve all problems.

“Admitting you’ve committed other sexual assaults doesn’t mean you won’t do them again. This is a remnant of the criminal system: it’s half-forgiveness, but not when it comes to sexual assault!

Ditto for Simon Hole’s 2019 summary of sexual assault arguments.

“If someone steals a wallet in one second, is that less serious than if it took 10 seconds?” Franca Cardoni was surprised.

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