April 21, 2024

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Salary hike for MPs: “Give it all”

Salary hike for MPs: “Give it all”

The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, announced on TVA Nouvelles that he would give his salary increase to social organizations if the salaries of representatives were increased.

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Given the fact that Quebec solidaire does not have enough political weight to block the increase favored by the CAQ majority, Mr. DuBois plans to use it to maintain his position.

“I will give it all to the organizations in my constituency,” he assures us, though there will be no “party line on personal finances” of united delegates, who will be free to accept the increase or not.

Emmanuel Latravers points out that while the ancillary industry is roughly “60 hours” of work per week, the hourly rate for elected officials is roughly “$33,” leaving many with some adjustment. .

“This prestigious base salary, $100,000 per year, has only 10 representatives out of 125, including 7 Quebec Solitaire,” said Mr. Dubois.

“115 MPs out of 125 are making a lot more… it could be $160,000, $170,000, $200,000 a year,” he adds.

However, a QS co-spokesperson acknowledges that the question of “the value of an MP” is a good one, but it is “the responsibility of a committee that is not only independent but has a full mandate to review all sums received by members” to determine the question.

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“And this committee should be decision-making, meaning its recommendations should be binding,” he adds.

In an attempt to rally those united to his cause, Prime Minister François Lecoult, during Question Time in the National Assembly on Tuesday, called Mr.

“Among other things, I think a young father wants to provide as much as possible for his children. I think it’s normal for that person to be compensated competitively in the public sector and in the private sector… Why would that be different for politics? Why can’t a father go as far as he can for his children? Why? ” asked the Prime Minister to his supporter.

Mr. Legault’s harangue is especially true of Mr. This annoyed Dubois, who liked to remind him that in the first place “nobody goes into politics, as Mr. Legault says, to make as much money as possible for his children.”

“People rarely enter politics for financial reasons. Regardless of party, they go to politics to defend their values, their social project, the vision of Quebec,” said Mr. Dubois said, he refuses to instrumentalize political engagement.

A QS co-spokesperson recalled that not only do politicians want the best for their children, but “nurses, teachers, workers, self-employed people also want the best for their children”.

“These people also work hard and make sacrifices. Now these people are seeing their grocery bills go up due to inflation. “There are interest rates, rent increases, and these people can’t afford to give themselves a $30,000 a year raise,” Mr. DuBois argued.