May 29, 2022

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Woman Caught in Sagune: Police Support Study of Accident

The man who grabbed the 32-year-old mother from the wheel of her lorry from Sagune on Friday evening in Boulevard St-Paul in Chicoutimi Borough has nothing to lose.

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To illustrate the tragedy Sagune supports the police report on the accident.

The woman’s wife, who was walking by her side during the horrific confrontation, said the pain was still strong, but the TV was still there.

“I look back and see the big scratch. I felt a blow, and I fell aside.

“I get up and go there. I see her going up to me.”

He ran to her aid.

“I talk to her and ask her how she is, but I realized she’s hard, and only when I took her safely did I see the bloodstream,” Mr. Dubere explained. Two hours later, the doctor in charge of Mary-Joe said she was not feeling well. She told me it was her brain and that her death was coming.I immediately thought of her two little girls.

The father of two girls, aged 10 and 8, also died accidentally in 2015.

“This is a curse, abandoned Maxime Duperré. It’s not going away. “

The loader driver never stopped.

By broadcasting the story in the media, the owner of the loader was able to identify his machine and identify the operator.

The two went to the police station.

The driver may not have seen the pair as he mentioned to investigators.

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“There are streetlights, but the lights are minimal,” said Saguenay police spokesman Herv பெ Bergella. St-Paul Boulevard is not designed for pedestrians. There are no sidewalks on either side. On the other hand, walking there is not prohibited, for example, on the highway.

The police investigation is not over yet. An autopsy officer has also been appointed to investigate the case.

The crowdfunding campaign was launched on social media by the family members of the girls. The initiative has already raised more than $ 8,000 by Monday afternoon.