September 26, 2023

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“First Call $5” |  Medical Assistant for 45 years

“First Call $5” | Medical Assistant for 45 years

At 63, Sylvain Blanchard is still a paramedic. Since 1978, passionate Granbine has made a living from his profession.

“It was a little deceiving because I started at 17 and a half,” he noted in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

In his 45-year career, he has seen the evolution of his profession. Training, maneuvers and ethics have changed a lot since he started in the business. “First a call was $5. No call, no pay”, began the man reminiscing good memories.

He saved lives, but he also gave lives as he helped deliver eight women during his career.

However, the most difficult times marked these 45 years. He and his teammates had to intervene in a call that represented all of Quebec. In 2021, Granby emergency physician Karin Dion took her own life.

Sylvain Blanchard was called to the scene. He is still remembered today by the death of his colleague.

“We are people treating people,” he says.

It is for this reason that he believes his work requires great empathy. All of his colleagues agree that he loves what he does.

Retirement is not expected anytime soon. Sylvain Blanchard wants to be the first to end his long career in the air. He’s trained in helicopter transport and that’s how he plans to end his career.

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