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We would have seen it all. Every generation hopes to be able to recreate the world. We can call this desire to break with the elderly the pride of the growing generation. That is, we want to shake up the past, change the paradigm, and make ideas that we think are new on the expiration date succeed.

Last weekend, the New Liberals gave themselves an almost Christ-like experience. The atmosphere was a new hope. The PLQ freed us from corruption and unspeakable political errors.

The political religion attacking troops led by Dominic Anglet would be the environment (or more precisely the environment). This orientation could not be more fashionable, and young activists firmly believe that it will put this party back on the rails of power, which has become bloodless by abandoning the French-speaking vote.

Departure from Lewes

When I was in my twenties, I attended in Quebec this historic moment when Ren இளம் Lewesk, a young journalist, liberal minister, vibrant nationalist responsible for the nationalization of electricity, and one of the architects of the peaceful revolution, left the party. Sovereignty-Union Movement, which became the Party Quebecois in 1967.

Ren Lewesk left the PLQ conference hall because he no longer shared his liberal position on Quebec’s political future. The rest we know. After the defeat of Mich Lake, the beloved party leader, Robert Bourassa, remained vague about union-sovereignty, but it would have been unnatural for him to abandon the Canadian federation.

Last weekend, Quebec nationalism was not wiped under the carpet, but forgotten. Eco-Environment, this Green Revolution, provoked activists, many of whom were unaware that the party, led by anti-national Philippe Coulard, had been forgotten due to a lack of historical education.

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How can the leader of the PLQ believe that the British, his election platform and allophones are reluctant to vote for a party that actively approaches the left? , Will the two minorities who set foot on the ground be lifted for the Green Revolution?

The future of PLQ

In the political context of Quebec, the PLQ, the only party that can be trusted to come to power one day, can not move away from the center. As my colleague Richard Martino wrote yesterday, the memory and soul of Quebec can not be carried away by the wind and ideological violations by throwing him brutally in a compost bin, as he once simulated.

The distorted PLQ is wandering, and most French speakers confirm it, with the intention of getting 9% more or less votes. Not all those who believe in political change can rejoice in the fate of the PLQ as prisoners of the British and the Allophones.

PLQ, QS and PQ are micro parties in this context. They are a reflection of dreams and failures that define them and prevent the French-speaking majority from adhering to their ideas.

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