First Leaders’ Debate | Justin Trudeau attacked from all sides

(Ottawa) Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was quickly spotted in the hot seat during a TVA debate Thursday evening. His three opponents have accused him of launching an “unnecessary” election campaign, while a fourth wave of epidemics is sweeping the country.

Joel-Denise Bellevance

Joel-Denise Bellevance

Melanie Marquis

Melanie Marquis

He was attacked from all sides by his three rivals, Erin O’Toole, Yves-Franசois Blanchett and Jagmeet Singh, who insisted that democracy should not be frozen because minorities in the Canadian population are not vaccinated against Govt-19.

“Can’t we hold an election because 20% of the population is not vaccinated?” Before asking.

He apparently did not convince any of his enemies.

Everyone argued that Parliament “worked”.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole accused Canadians of wanting to put his own interests ahead of their own. He also lamented that the referendum was being held at a time of “crisis” when wildfires were still raging in British Columbia and the political situation in Afghanistan needed constant attention.

As for the constituency president, he predicted a dark fate for Justin Trudeau by drawing a parallel between this emergency election and the 2014 Quebec, which ended in the defeat of the PQ minority government, Pauline Marois. Was Minister.

“You starred in the film in 2014. When you think you have to go to the countryside for ambition. It ended in the suspension of his political career,” he said.

In providing the vaccine, all the chefs told host Pierre Brunei that they were opposed to the idea of ​​making it mandatory. However, the Liberal leader recalled that he wanted to impose it on federal officials and passengers traveling on trains or planes.

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Health transfers

Central-provincial relations have also sparked fires, especially when it comes to health transfers. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau had to defend himself from wanting to impose national standards on provinces in managing long-term care centers. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was also in favor of the reforms, especially excluding the private sector from these services. “Profit killed our seniors. I can not be idle to face this tragedy,” he said, referring to the residents of CHSLT who died during the epidemic.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole used the opportunity to applaud his partnership and the deal he was giving to the Cubs.

The provinces in Ottawa need a partner. The provinces do not need a father, ”he said, adding that he was committed to increasing health services to the provinces by at least 6% a year.

Block President Yves-François Blanchet quickly reminded him that this promise was significantly less than the demands of the provinces, which called for an immediate increase in the $ 28 billion transfer.

Justin Trudeau later criticized his Conservative rival for presenting a site without financial structure. “There are no numbers on your platform. It’s not serious,” he said.

Liberal leader Erin O’Dowell has accused the government of seeking to establish a two-tier health system, one for ordinary people and one for the rich.

“I want to increase health transfers to the provinces to $ 60 billion. I support a public and global health system,” Erin O’Toole responded.

Daily maintenance check

What will the O’Toole government do with the $ 6 billion check promised to the Legalt government for the Network of Child Care Centers (CBEs)? The Conservative leader was asked all sorts of questions, but he did not give a clear enough answer in the eyes of his rivals.

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Yves-Franசois Blanchett, the block leader on this “historic” and “essential” project, hated it and insisted that he was going to “cooperate” and “integrate”, and based on his “plan” he would help “all Quebec families”, especially low-income people, tax Thanks for coming.

“Tell me you’re going to leave six billion, and it will be over,” his speaker shouted from the volume.

The Liberal leader, who reached this agreement with the Quebec government before the federal election, appealed that the responses of his Conservative opponent show that he does not and does not understand the CBE system.[ait] Not cubes. ”

“No more oil Full Oil ‘

In the environmental section of the debate, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh sought to put Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Dool in the same basket when it comes to oil development in western Canada.

“It’s more oil or a choice between Full Oil, ”accused the Liberal Party of buying the Trans Mountain pipeline. The deal acknowledged that the Liberal leader had left some unsaid, but he was “very clear” that the resulting profits would be used to fund green projects.

Yves-Franசois Blanchett was startled: “Don’t tell anyone: ‘I’m going to break your other one and heal your broken leg'”.

But in the third connection between Quebec and Lewis he defended himself for a site with “environmental potential”. On the other hand, it was not a question of “support”, Chief Blanchett pleaded, criticizing newspapers that were wrong on topics like this.

Sexual misconduct in the military

Erin O’Toole, a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, criticized the Liberal leader for failing to tackle sexual abuse in the military ranks.

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Dissatisfied with Justin Trudeau’s explanations, he jumped at the chance to criticize him.

“It’s a lack of leadership, ladies and gentlemen,” he blurted looking directly at the camera.

A discussion in the context of tight racing

The debate in the TVA was the first in a series of election campaigns. Two more discussions organized by the Leaders’ Debate Committee will take place next week.

Loser’s survey, published Thursday in the Quebec newspapers, set the agenda for the evening lecture. The study revealed race tightening in Quebec and the emergence of three-way struggles on several rides.

The Liberal Party is leading with 33% of the vote, but since August 14 its support has fallen to eight percent. Volume Québécois decreased by one percent, a good second with 28%.

For its part, the Conservative Party is reaping 20% ​​of the vote, up five percent in two weeks. As for the NDP, it also recorded an increase, but far from 13% support.

Before entering the arena at the TVA studio, the chefs spent a good part of the day preparing along with close associates.

In the last election, The face to face Caused a turning point in the campaign. The Conservative leader at the time, Andrew Shear, stumbled upon the issue of abortion, while maintaining the ambiguity of his personal position. Since then, the Conservative Party has lost some of the objectives of voting in Quebec, which has greatly benefited the falling constituency of Quebec.

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