Wait for hours at -20 C for testing

The queue to be tested for COVID-19 at the Chauveau Screening Clinic in East Montreal was the longest on Monday, despite freezing temperatures of around -20 C.

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Hundreds of people, some of them ill, had to stand outside for hours, regardless of the cold. Others had brought their own small chairs to sit on.

When the screening center opened at 8 a.m., citizens were already queuing at 5:30 p.m.

Checkpoint officials eventually distributed vouchers to people waiting, allowing them to return during the day, thus avoiding waiting in the bitter cold.

“I think there should be many more measures to improve the population,” said one woman.

“We told ourselves it would have been nice with the Olympic Stadium because we would have been inside. We would have been at least as hot,” explained another person who met at the TVA Novelles site.

“We’re starting to get angry at our feet, we’re moving forward, we can not wait to go home!”

*** See Audrey Gagnon’s description in the video above. ***

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