April 21, 2024

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Fourth Wave: The trial event plan was canceled by Quebec

The rise of the Delta variant and the Legalt government decided to cancel the fourth wave possible test concert. Was to be given in the plain of Abraham.

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“We don’t want to endanger those who come to the festival, the people who work there and the volunteers,” Tourism Minister Carolyn Brulex told a news conference Wednesday. He noted that the choice was made by the government and not by public health.

The concert, scheduled for September 25, was attended by a large crowd of two to three hours as a test of the spread of Kovit-19. The concert was also scheduled to air at the Convention Center, and 5,000 people may have listened to it inside.

However, festivals planned for this fall should not be considered canceled, Minister Prolux insisted, as they must comply with strict health regulations.

Martin Roy, president and CEO of RÉMI, which brings together major cultural, sporting and entertainment events in Quebec, was not surprised by this decision.

He believes the government should make its efforts and resources to get a real portrait of Francois, International Jazz Festival, Saint-Titin Western Festival, Ohio, Alejonic and other events that will take place in the next few weeks. And when is the vaccination passport. Passport not in plans when test concert is released.

“This is something I want the government to evaluate. With 100% vaccination at the sites, cases should be very low,” he said in an interview.

Vaccine passport

Martin Roy gives an example of the Lollipop Festival on July 29, 30, 31 and 1.There is August in Chicago. The 385,000 spectators who attended the event had to be vaccinated or have a negative test for Covit-19.

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“There were 203 cases of 80% of people not being vaccinated. There were 40 cases of 352,000 people being vaccinated,” he said.

Martin Roy hopes that by activating the Vaccine Passport it will be possible to regain normal attendance rates at events and bring back international artists.

“We place more emphasis on the vaccine passport than the results of the test concert. We need to take advantage of the situation by removing some of the restrictions, even if 100% of people are double-vaccinated, without going all the way to Lollipop,” he said. Is done internationally.

– Parliamentary Bureau, in collaboration with Charles Legavalier

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