April 16, 2024

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Mary-Christine Lamontane: Unity to the Vol

In the federal scenario, Quebec wants solid NDP, which is well known.

An internal poll from Lager was commissioned this summer – the results of which I received – at least for “Qsist” voters.

At the federal level, 43% of them said they were more likely to vote for Jagmeet Singh’s party. Despite claiming that the QS is sovereign, only 24% of the QS respondents want to support the constituency.

Former QS

In the 2018 Quebec election, Mary-Christine Lamontaine was a QS candidate – “Post”, she quizzed in Montmorne. He has been serving in the Parliamentary Division since 2018. But she left in 2020. “Without knocking on the door,” she insists.

This year, the 27-year-old Black has chosen to wear the colors of Quebecois.


In June 2019 the face of QS about secularism cooled her. A political employee, he did not participate in the debate during the Congress in question. His personal position is similar to that of Pachard-Taylor (banning religious symbols from government agents who may use force). Formula protected by QS in 2018; But the party has given up accepting the hostile position of any ban.

MMe Lamontane could have lived with this twist, but the way she did after the election, without enough discussion, made her “embarrassed”. The QS dissolved its “collective” secularism in November 2020.

  • Listen to Antoine Rapidail’s interview with Mary-Christine Lamontane on QUB Radio:

In short, in these matters, she is very easy on the block. But above all her “determination for independence” she wanted to continue there: “I see important fronts demanding that Quebec should be strong and that it should stand upright.”

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He is interested in constitutional issues. Born in 1994, he regrets not being able to participate in the major debates over the redefinition of Quebec space in Canada. Both camps – renewed federalism and sovereignty – failed: “Until this is resolved, the block is appropriate,” he insists.

She understood the importance of political questions during “Maple Spring”. But she thinks the energy of the time was not properly “channeled”.

3e Right

The one who reminded me that I did not (as expected) violate the theme of the Quebec-Lewis tunnel is “practical” and interested in all issues. And at least $ 10 billion in federal support for this CAQ project.

Black’s position on this issue is elusive. Chief Yves-Franசois Blanchett says there is no need to form an opinion on the project because of Quebec’s request.

“You have to understand the role of the module,” Lamontagne responds, defending our decision-making ability: “This is not what some people expect, but it’s ours, and it produces results.”

Example: Prime Minister Trudeau and Legalt announced on August 5 a $ 6 billion 5-year contract for childcare centers. Without the committee of constituency members, would the federal government have moved so quickly?

Conservatives, for their part, have promised to pay 40% of the bill for 3e Link: “They say it on the one hand, but on the other hand, they promise to cancel the $ 6 billion childcare contract.