Franுவாois LeCult believes “Vokes” should “feel guilty”

Prime Minister Francois Legalt Appeared before the media on Thursday. Woke up He communicates with people who want to feel guilty about the state’s secularism, “he said.

The previous day, he had linked this qualification with the Speaker of Parliament Unity Quebec, Gabriel Nado-Dubois, the latter after comparing him to Maurice Duplessis, told the Cubs who he should vote for in the federal election.

“I don’t care if he calls me Duplessis, but he’s really at another peak. He’s not interested in defending Quebec’s talent. He’s not interested in defending Quebec’s values. He wants to feel guilty for what we did, so I called him.”Woke up”, Mr. Legalt announced.

All those who oppose the law on the secularism of the state Raises ?, Asked reporters. “This is one of the elements,” the Prime Minister replied Burning books is considered racist By the former co-chairman of the Tribal People’s Commission Liberal Party of CanadaSuzy Keys, Who claimed to be tribal. “For me, a Woke up, He is someone who sees discrimination everywhere, ”the leader said Quebec Future Alliance.

In front of him, Mr. Nato-Dubois smiled at the label given by the Prime Minister. “Personally, I don’t know what this means […] It reveals what I know. What this reveals is that Franுவாois Legalt is well aware that his support for the Conservatives has not worked. “

On social media, He showed that he had a tendency. I don’t know what Francois Legalt holds against Vogue. Personally, I use mine every week, ”he wrote with a wink. “It didn’t take long for the new chef to come back with his casseroles,” Mr. Saloon said on Play. Legalt replied.

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A diversion?

Franசois Legald discussed the issues surrounding the word Woke up “To the media who criticized him for diverting attention from the most serious issues, Like the nursing shortage, The Prime Minister replied that the first Salvo did not come from him. “Gabriel Nado-Dubois decided to attack me: I am a Duplessis. […] I mean, he was the one who brought this debate there, ”he recalled.

On TwitterElected PQ Véronique Hivon worried about “personal attacks and insults between CAQ and QS”. This is not my view on democracy and our parliamentary debates. I have a suspicion that it is cubers. Strong tone change. Especially since we go back to the bottom of things. There is so much to do! She wrote.

Mr. In the opinion of Nato-Dubois, Say “ Woke up “Circulating like a caricature in the media”. “I don’t know the clear and simple definition of this label,” he said. “I have a master’s degree in sociology [et] I try to use words that I know the meaning of. I do not know what Franசois Legold is. He recalled on Wednesday that a series of ministers had failed to provide journalists with a definition of the word.

For example, the Minister of Families, Matthew Lacombe, declared that he did not want to “get involved in this debate.” His colleague Eric Khair played with humor, asking if it could be used to make “Bad Mother”. Culture Minister Natalie Roy suggested that journalists read the chronicles of former PQ Minister Joseph Fossil.

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