François Legault defends his integrity about the third motorway link

François Legault defends his integrity about the third motorway link

Highlighting his honesty, Premier Francois Legault said there was never any question of abandoning the Quebec-Lévis highway tunnel project before the general election last October.

Mr. Legault noted this, where by-elections promise to be hotly contested in rural areas.

At a press conference, Mr. Legault reserved his first Shorey about the third connection. “Never, was there any question of abandoning the third highway link project before the elections last October. When I make a promise, I have to keep it,” he said.

Mr. According to Legault, this promise was not called into question until May, when the highway tunnel became a public transit project due to a drop in traffic on the roads, which he attributed in part to telecommunications. “I can never promise knowing that I won’t live up to it. At my age, honesty is a very important value for me,” he said.

PQ candidate in Jean-Dalon. Pascal Paradis said last week that the Legault government already intends to give up the third highway link before the 2022 election campaign. Legault, Martin Koskinen, after being approached as a candidate by the CAQ.

On Tuesday, Mr. Legault avoided outright calling Mr. Paradis a liar, as his cabinet did last week. “When the candidate says about Martin Koskinen, one of the two is not telling the truth. And I have a lot of faith in Martin Koskinen,” he reiterated.

During his speech, Mr. Legault scored a partisan point for the Parti Québécois by referring to the money his government sent to taxpayers to fight inflation. “This fall is not about Quebec sovereignty, it’s about the cost of living,” he said.

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“Not Easy” for a Govt.

As his decision on the third annexation continues to make waves, Prime Minister Legault acknowledged that a by-election is sometimes an opportunity for citizens to give free rein to their discontent. “When you look at history – not just the CAQ government – it’s not easy for a government, for a by-election. »

The trigger for the ballot in Jean-Dalon is scheduled for Wednesday, but Mr. Legault was stingy on the matter. However, after the announcement, CAQ activists were debating among themselves about “placing signs” from 5 pm that evening.

Marie-Anique Shorey is the daughter of Paul Shorey, a municipal councilor for the district of Sillery-Saint-Louis and mayor of Sillery before its annexation to Quebec. The Jean-Dalon constituency includes the districts of Sillery and Saint-Foy.

Prime Minister Legault reiterated his desire to move forward with his new third annexation plan. “We aim to create one,” he said. As for the Quebec tramway, he says it’s up to the city to control spending, without moving forward with a maximum amount.

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