April 15, 2024

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French: We’re shooting ourselves in the foot!

French: We’re shooting ourselves in the foot!

Four months ago, Minister Jean-François Roberge called on Quebecers to rally to defend the French language.

For example, by buying books in French and watching French series.

Indeed, the defense of the French nation is not only the government’s business, but ours.

But protecting the French language is like protecting the environment: if companies like the Horne Foundry and the McInnis cement plant continue to pollute with impunity, what’s the point of washing our little yogurt pots and putting them in the recycling bin?

This is all well and good, appealing to civic responsibility, but what about governmental responsibility?

What’s the point of us collectively “waking up” if the government is asleep?

Talk out of both sides of your mouth

A few days later the French language minister, Jean-Francois Roberge (Photograph), an advertisement was run to sensitize the youth about the dangers AncientWe learn that each year, the Quebec government allocates $200 million to encourage international students to come and study at McGill University and Concordia University!

On one side of the mouth, young French speakers claim to watch their language and speak French well.

On the other hand, we pay foreign students to come to Quebec’s English-speaking community!


Someone is sleeping, to speak like the narrator of the fake peregrine falcon commercial Click !

There is something Sick There!

Like the calls for “energy moderation”… we want to sleep soundly with three wool sweaters, but what if government buildings burn all night?

At some point, boots must follow chaps!

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Is France’s security important to the Legault government?


So, extend Law 101 to CEGEPs, and many other professionals and teachers unions are calling for it.

Stop overfunding English-speaking universities to the detriment of French-speaking universities.

Allow the Office de la langue française to be active instead of acting only when a citizen complains.

Also prohibit independent businesses from offering business names in English.

That would be a good start.

A question of priorities

Don’t get me wrong, I love advertising AncientIt’s fun for me.

But it seems to me that you resort to these types of tools after you’ve done everything you can.

It’s like banana holders.

It’s the last thing you buy in a home.

If you have a banana holder, but you don’t have a knife or a first aid kit, I’m sorry, but you’re mismanaging your “inside”.

As you read these lines, there are still doctors and nurses in our hospitals who do not speak a word of French.

It’s a bigger problem — and more urgent — than a teenager discovering Francois Legault’s podcast. Painting.