Gatan Barrette says we are forgetting the “essence” of his health care reform in Quebec

Member for La Pinière his Comprehensive administrative reform Aims to expand Quebec’s healthcare network.

The goal was to have the most direct management possible, He explained on the show on Wednesday MIDI infoAt ICI Premier, this reform still exists today Do not understand.

Now the official opposition spokesman for the state administration, Mr. Barrett recalled what he had just abolished Full scale management Very expensive And UselessIt should be said that there were regional health agencies between the government and the institutions.

All in all, he insists on coming to an end Permanent Steeple Wars Between hospitals in the field and Management maze.

The reform I made ensured that all these barriers were removed for the patient.

A quote:Gatan Barrette, Liberal MP for La Pinière and former Minister of Health and Social Services

Prime Minister Franசois Legalt’s opening speech on Tuesday echoes what Geethan Barrett says Always said : Ministerial guidance, field implementation, depending on local circumstances.

The former Liberal minister says some facts have proven him right. Legalt said the government had initially relied on a logistics expert to run its COVID-19 vaccine campaign before it fell back on CEO Daniel Barre. This decision was taken at the Ministry, but took place in the field of execution, CISSS and CIUSSS [et] There is no one who has done the same, Says Cotton Barrett.

The pure creatures of the “Barrett Reform”, these integrated health and community service centers – in some cases universities – carried out the vaccination campaign. According to their algorithms and their structure, it is decentralized, Member for La Pinière insists.

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Kaitan Barrett praises the candidacy of Christian Dube, the current health minister Senior Management Adjustment Of the network. According to him, the adjustment he will continue to make is: In other words, my reformed ice ring will remain the same […]. We are going to add more players to this.

I never said my reform was right. […] In the second installment, I was determined to make changes […].

A quote:Gatan Barrette, Liberal MP for La Pinière and former Minister of Health and Social Services

As of 2018, Cotton Barrett also confirms that the Legalt government should use the financial penalties imposed on family physicians who do not meet the government’s productive capabilities.

In 2015, the then health minister, Mr. Barrett ended up with the Federation des Medicines Omnipredicians to Quebec (FMOQ). Agreement So from December 31, 2017 85% of Cubes will be able to access the family doctor.

Legalt Government Stamp the stick And now the law threatens to force family doctors to take more patients.

The CAQ should have done this before […], Says Cotton Barrett, who witnessed the failure of the Legalt administration Spine.

We have hired the right staff

At a press conference in the National Assembly on Wednesday, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, did not hide his satisfaction when asked about the devolution of power. I like it because I always handled it that way, He shouted.

Says the Minister Decentralization is not a question of structure, it is a matter of culture, And this leads Administered locally. For example, there is no need to change structures to appoint a manager in every long-term care hospital (CHSLD), Christian Dube confirms.

This is a great example of decentralization: when we have to act, they make decisions and act, and we appoint the right staff in the right place.

A quote:Christian Dube, Minister of Health and Social Services of Quebec

Another example of the decentralization required is that the Minister cites managing the Dubai tables, which must be implemented At the hospital level, And not on the scale of CISSS and CIUSSS.

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Called to speak on decentralization on Wednesday, Prime Minister Legalt did not favor “Barrett reform”: Everywhere, on the ground, as if in unison, Mr. Barrett’s reform, in Massive CISSS and CIUSSS, results.

Not in some CHSLDs Still superior, The need for the Prime Minister continues, continues Have a new approach Management by continuing Subdivision of the subdivision.

The executives are at the end of their rope

Should we override the work of Cathan Barrett or not? On the microphone MIDI infoOn Wednesday, Carol Trembe, chief executive of the Association of Senior Administrators in Health and Social Services, did not want to decide. I imagine we need to meet managers with political officials to see how it can be planned, without creating as much confusion or conflict as it caused during the implementation of Law 10.

To Carol Trembe, It is important to focus on those who are in the network and have been carrying it at arm’s length for years.

Health network operating system Highly politicized, Ms. Trembe comments. Orders come from top to bottom. In which Transformation, The ones there are priceless, and they are exhausted for a number of reasons.

According to Carol Trembe, decentralization will make it possible to have an executive leader who is familiar with regional realities and adapt services accordingly.

Premium denied

In addition, the CEO of the Association of Senior Managers in Health and Social Services considers it Unacceptable The Legalt government denied senior executives a flat-rate COVID bonus offered to middle executives. This, in the post-epidemic environment and in the labor shortage, he said.

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According to Carol Trembe, senior executives have been carrying the reforms on their shoulders for years for the orchestration of these reforms. There, all of a sudden, this bonus for them is denied for no reason, no reason […], Which is unacceptable.

There is no gesture to identify themShe regrets saying that she fully agrees with the accreditation marks given to nurses and regulators. Absolutely essential.

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