Investigator Frederick Silva’s investigation describes the hunt for the alleged hitman

In a subtle investigation, the police assisted with the help of technology, leading to the spectacular arrest of Frederick Silva in February 2019.

Daniel Renoat

Daniel Renoat

The story revolves around Victor Melo Gomez, lieutenant-detective of the Service de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM), on Wednesday, during the investigation into the alleged hired killer who tried to kill the Mafia Salvador. Scoppa in February 2017, and in the fall of 2018, within three months for killing Alessandro Vinci, Yvonne Merchant and Sebastian Beauchamp.

Mr. Melo Gomes said Silva was already suspected of the murder of a bar customer and of attempting to assassinate Sebastien Beauchamp at the time of the assassination. In the metropolis of Saint-Leonard northeast of Montreal, on the corner of Boulevard Robert.

During the incident, several false bullets blew the whistle, which, according to the witness, prompted the SPVM administration to speed things up and get their hands on the killer’s trap.

In particular thanks to the spinning carried out by the investigators of Sûreté du Québec, among other things, the investigators of the organized crime unit of the SPVM and their key criminal associates identified the relatives of the fugitive and they began to follow.

One of them, Giovanni Presta Jr., went to a small warehouse in Terrephone and left the scene in a car rented from a company in Montreal.

On December 20, 2018, the day Sebastien Beauchamp was murdered, surveillance cameras captured a white car and a masked man parked on the street from a private apartment in Roosevelt, near the crime scene. Just minutes before the ex-biker was killed.

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“Nathan Beaulieu” for rent

Thanks to a few steps, the police found this car, a Malibu.

They then realized that Malibu had been leased to the same company. Then they signed the lease, which was a forgery. “The contract was made in the name of Nathan Beaulieu, a former Canadian bodyguard, so I changed. The driver’s license number did not match and the address given did not match,” the witness explained.

However, the rental company installed a GPS in the car – in case of theft – and investigators received an order to analyze the vehicle’s movements.

Police realized the vehicle was leaving the Terrephone mini-warehouse on Dec. 20, when Sebastien Beauchamp was killed, and noticed the car was on the streets of Sulde and Corwell at the time of the crime.

On February 22, 2019, thanks to some investigative techniques, Detective Lieutenant Victor Melo Gomes learned that Frederick Silva could be in three locations in the Griffintown area west of Old Montreal. He appoints rotating teams, one of which notices a person walking with a dog late at night on Duke Street. The man enters the building on 71 Duke Street and comes out shortly after.

The first spinner recognized Frederick Silva, then the second. Given the green light. The fugitive was arrested without protest by members of the tactical intervention team.

The chronology of these events is not the source, and Silva’s lawyer, M.S.e Daniel Roy notes that this information has not yet been tested since the procedures began.

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Specific approach

During his testimony, investigator Victor Melo Gomez explained Frederick Silva’s explanation more than once through a video he had seen several times.

Frederick Silva has a particular approach that is very difficult to describe. One leg is like sleeping, he swings and it is difficult to keep a straight line. This is a very unique approach for Mr Silva.

Victor Melo Gomez, lieutenant-detective at the SPVM, said he formally identified the accused in the box.

Bute Roy objected to this explanation. Let us remember that identifying the accused is one of the main challenges of this 21st triale Daylight time.

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