Those who have not been vaccinated | The College of Physicians wants drastic measures

(Montreal) Quebec’s College of Physicians urges the government to “accelerate measures to restrict contact with non-vaccinated persons.”

The president of the college, D.S.R. Mauril Gaudreult reaffirmed his support for the third-dose future obligation to keep a passport for the vaccine, writing in a letter released Friday that his visit “should be done more expeditiously and cover a wider range of stores and public spaces.”

Photo by Marco Campanosi, printing documents

President of the College of Physicians of Quebec DR. Mauril Gaudreult

“People who have been vaccinated can no longer quietly enjoy the barriers of health activities, while those who have not been vaccinated occupy one of the two beds in a short period of time and are in intensive care in most beds,” he pleaded.

During this time, he said, “thousands and thousands of patients in the hospital lose endlessly postponed surgical intervention due to overwork and load reduction, and in some cases their health worsens.” INESSS plans to add more than 3,000 to the hospital. , And the network has lost 20,000 of its workers.

D.R. Gaudreult turned his criticism to the provincial government, saying it lacked clarity in its communications to the people.

“News of screening, rapid testing or isolation is currently confusing,” he said, adding that “more open and consistent communication is needed.”

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