Govt-19: The unions are worried about the return of asymptomatic affected employees

On Tuesday, three unions representing health workers expressed concern over Quebec’s decision to retain health workers affected by Govt-19.

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The Fedration de la Santé et des Services sociaux (FSSS-CSN), Fédration de la santé du Québec (FSQ-CSQ) and Fédration interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) reminded that protecting the health of workers is a priority. .

“The network is not prepared to face the risks of the government’s decision to reinstate asymptomatic workers.

Unions should implement screening activities for employees, especially in health care institutions, but rely on ventilation and emphasize access to personal protective equipment.

“We understand the emergency environment and staff shortages affecting our public health network, but measures have been announced. [mardi] There are a number of risks involved in retaining health workers affected by Govt disease, ”said Isabel Dumain, president of FSQ-CSQ.

“Even today, the ministry is struggling to take minimal preventive measures and N95 cargo has not been completed. This is nonsense!” Declared Julie Bouchard, head of FIQ.

For his part, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube promised during his press conference that this was a “question of risk management.”

“Now there are safety and infection control measures in the health network that are not even on the first wave, that’s the first difference,” he said. DuPay added, while nearly 98% of health workers are fully immunized.

“Yes, in fact, in a better world, we do not bring sick people into an environment, but at the same time, people need care,” said National Public Health Director D.J.R. Horacio Arruda.

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