Chibougamau | A barrage of accusations of forest fire started

Chibougamau |  A barrage of accusations of forest fire started

(QUEBEC) A Chipukamau man who accused the government and elites of stoking forest fires on social media is suspected by authorities of starting eight of his own this summer as Quebec faced the worst fires in its recent history.

Brian Barre was arrested last week on two counts of arson. His file was heavy when he appeared via video conference at the Roberwall court for his release hearing on Monday.

The Crown has now charged the 37-year-old with 10 counts of arson. He was also charged with public nuisance “endangering life”.

Of these ten fires that the man lit, eight were in the forest. The first fire will burn on May 31 in Sabas, followed by others throughout the summer and up to September 5 in Chibukama. That is, the accused would have won more than three months.

Apart from the eight forest fires, he has been charged with burning a fishing hut and one arson which was not mentioned in the information sheet.

Conspiracy theories

Brian Barre’s acquittal hearing has been adjourned until next Monday. So he will be detained in Chibukama. But the prosecution has already announced that it will oppose his release before the trial is over.

On his Facebook account, Mr. Barre has been covering the fire for months. He also shared his own analysis of what he considered to be an “extremely brutal plan.”

According to him, the forest fires were fueled by the government and elites to prepare people for the “New World Order” and “lock us in our homes”. Climate change was also discovered by NASA to complete this project. Mr. made on Facebook. Barre’s assumptions are not supported by the evidence.

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