Govt Tickets: Here are ten excuses asked and rejected by the court

Govt Tickets: Here are ten excuses asked and rejected by the court

While health instructions fall one by one, those who ignored the orders and challenged their violation are now finding themselves before the courts. Their sometimes absurd or unbelievable excuses struggle to win the sympathy of judges, who, in most cases, denounce fines ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 1,500. Newspaper Gives you ten excuses for failing in court.

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IT TRGS A little too much

When worker Alexis Legendre was caught during a curfew order in Esther, Cookshire, he had the perfect excuse: he was returning from Montreal, where he worked late. Except that the Montreal-Sherbrook would be completed within three hours, by the time he was arrested, it was unlikely he would have dragged on for too long. Unable to explain, he had to pay.

That cover of a neck warmer … neck only

Isabel Corsi thought he was deceiving the authorities by wearing a neck warmer to cover his face, in obligation to cover himself during a demonstration in September 2020. But he should wear this cloth at the level of the nose and mouth, rather than … just around the neck. When the officer saw her she tried to beg that he had slipped.

All reasons are good (or not)

During the curfew order, in Magok, Melanie Houth tried everything to get out of it, which in turn provoked a petrol shortage, a false call to the CAA or the purchase of a property that could not be sold anyway. At the time. He took it badly and the woman failed to be released.

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An exercise in dragging

Going to a friend on the internet to complete the essential online training for the job is a good excuse to ignore the curfew order. But using it does not “cool” and extend the time outside your home, recalled the judge, who convicted Yannick Russen.

A need is not so necessary

Bread and milk may be necessary for a healthy diet, but not enough to justify violating the curfew order. Michael Denise learned the hard way in January 2021 when he visited a convenience store in Sherbrook.

The next day he was found guilty of buying food to prepare his lunch, which was not one of the exceptions given in the orders.

A mysterious announcement does not pass

Kaven Begnoche was determined to escape his arguments, including the opinion of the “National Council of Common Law Assemblies” found “in a hidden place on the Internet”, and its proclamation could be purchased on Amazon for $ 10. However, he realized that the announcement did not violate administrative orders, so he had to pay for his faceless protest in September 2020.

Maple products in the furniture store

A furniture store in the Magandic region thought it could avoid closing essential businesses at the onset of epidemics by selling maple products. Mobles Rousseau Inc. To pay his fine.

The most unnecessary heart pump

Pierre Héroux seems to have a good excuse for ignoring the curfew order in January 2021. Cardiac, who was arrested by police at midnight, said he was looking for a pump of nitroglycerin that was lost during the day. But he was convicted because his pains were alleviated by taking aspirin and he was assured he was not in immediate danger.

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Very close to the demonstration

Sabrina Noel tried to convince the court that she was not involved in the fight when she was arrested in December 2020 in a public parking lot, carrying the flag with the sheep symbol, so she did not need to hide it yet. However, this argument advanced in court and it was not inspired by the argument.

The police and the driver did not conspire

They revealed the fact that the driver and police had teamed up to catch them when Patrick Kevery and Nicole Cognனே were intercepted in a taxi during a curfew order in Cronby. Surprisingly, their argument did not work.

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