Montreal Project | Electoral platform of 250 duties for Valerie Flande

Valerie Plant, the mayor of Montreal and leader of Project Montreal, confirmed her desire to “bring the population to power” and released her poll site on Wednesday for the November 7 election.

Isabel Ducas

Isabel Ducas

According to MMe Plante, the primary activities of its project are the construction of 60,000 affordable housing units, as well as the introduction of the concept of “15 minute city”, which means that all citizens will find everything within 15 minutes walk. Services they need and green spaces.

The party’s plan includes 250 commitments, mainly aimed at citizen participation, the environment, housing, security and economic development.

Project Montreal promises not to raise property taxes beyond inflation.

“Based on the experience of the last four years, we know we can make more progress in the future,” he saidMe Plant, at a press conference in Old Montreal, was surrounded by his party’s timekeepers.

“Together with the population, we will transform Montreal into a unique city that attracts families, students, workers, and investors. How? ‘Or’ What?

For the next municipal elections, postal voting will only be possible for Montreal residents living in retirement homes or unable to travel for health reasons. However, Project Montreal’s plan is that in the next municipal elections, all voters will be able to vote by mail, which was requested by the group Montreal Party, which created opposition to City Hall.

Mayor Blondie announced his intention to neutralize Montreal carbon by 2050, accelerating the electrification of traffic and the planting of trees by improving the public transport network.

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Project Montreal’s green program includes promoting car sharing, making pedestrian safety, promoting urban agriculture and reducing waste.

In recent weeks the party has already outlined its obligations in terms of affordable housing and public safety.

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Valerie Plant reiterated that her party wants to maintain police funding and that there is no question of disarming the police. As for body cameras for police officers, it is planned to implement it from 2022.

In terms of economic growth, MMe Blande and his troops are counting on the renaissance of the East to be the “pioneer of the new economy in Montreal.” In particular, we want to continue to pollute the land, create eco-districts and integrate businesses and housing.

“It’s a definite, costly project, with a deadline. We know where we’re going,” Valerie Plant stressed.

“Blurred, lying and teasing”, Koder denies the group

Guilloo Laoi, co-chair of the Ensemble Montreal site, which was released in late September, responded quickly. Lying and joking, ”Villare – Saint-Michael – was also a candidate for mayor of Park. -Expansion

“To say that they will all increase election participation with the postal ballot is in fact a hypocrisy of hypocrisy. They are the only administration that has opposed it so many times. I think it is especially insulting to them.” .

The passage to Mr. Plant Management for making “indecent copies and copies” of Mr. Montreal. Critics of Laoi say he was “rejected and ridiculed for four years.” He specifically cites the mayor’s duties on portable cameras, property tax deferrals for seniors and the ban on fuel oil in buildings.

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As for the Movement Montreal Party, led by Balarama Holnes, which recently joined forces with Montreal and Mark-Antoine Desjardins, who recently poured into Parliament, it is expected to present its base in the coming days. For now, however, no election exercise has revealed the financial structure to support its electoral base.

With Henry Ovallet-Vagina, Press

Key Promises of the Project Montreal Site

  • By purchasing new land and building 60,000 affordable housing, piloting NPOs committed to building affordable housing there;
  • Introduce the concept of “15 minute city”;
  • Neutralize Montreal carbon by 2050.

Some other duties

  • Introduce extra week at day camps for kids;
  • Double the budget dedicated to roaming;
  • Increase the number of new playgrounds;
  • 60 million allocation for participatory budgets;
  • Support for family, purchase of electric or disabled bikes;
  • Approach children and adolescents to relocate places such as parks;
  • Provide a “starter kit” to promote equal opportunities for every child in Montreal;
  • Adjust the transfer tax according to the length of the franchise, in favor of real estate “flips” and long-term owners.

In numbers

Number of trees to be planted by Project Montreal

500 000

The amount you want to dedicate to Project Montreal Roaming

6 million

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