Greater difficulty due to winds near the St. Lawrence River

Greater difficulty due to winds near the St. Lawrence River

Strong winds and high tides caused some problems in Quebec late Friday.

A high tide at 4:39 p.m. caused the river to flood near Dalhousie Street. Lanes of Champline Boulevard between Côte de la Montagne and Côte Gilmour were temporarily closed. Then gradually the water came out.

The location is subject to frequent flooding depending on the state of the St. Lawrence River.

Warnings are issued when water levels pose a risk to coastal areas.

In Quebec, the tide will be high again at 5:21 a.m. Friday.

With traffic, low visibility and partially snow-covered roads, people were forced off the road in Bellesaus. Route 279 is closed between Saint-Gervais and Saint-Lazare. In Beaumont, rough conditions gave motorists a bit of a headache.

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Finally, large waves caused a slight overtopping on the southern side of Île d'Orléans., In StJeans. In the evening the situation stabilized.

On Saturday, winds will continue to be strong in Quebec, at speeds of 30 to 50 km/h, with some snow melting and the thermometer reaching a maximum of 5 degrees Celsius.

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