April 17, 2024

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Grennan remained silent after the verdict: Kaylaine Botvin's mother reveals the depth of her thoughts

Grennan remained silent after the verdict: Kaylaine Botvin's mother reveals the depth of her thoughts

Hours after the verdict in the trial of Marc-André Grenon, who was convicted of the first-degree murder of Guylaine Potvin in 2000, the mother of the deceased gave an exclusive interview to Jean-François Guerin.

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A jury rushed to a unanimous verdict last Tuesday after finding that Grenon sexually assaulted and killed Kailine Botvin in Jonquier.

The words “guilty” pronounced by Judge Francois Hood ended more than two decades of ordeal for the victim's family, describing the verdict as a “relief”.

Grennan's trial and arrest plunged Jeanine Gautt and her loved ones into an endless wait.

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“It's an explosion of all kinds of emotions”: Upon learning of Marc-Andre Grenan's arrest in 2022, Ms. These were the words that came to Gouette's mind.

“We were on FaceTime with our children who were far away. We all heard the announcement at the same time. It was a shock wave, but at the same time we were satisfied knowing that we had found a piece of the puzzle that had been missing for years,” he added on “Dossier's En Course.”

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The killer's trial revealed all the atrocities inflicted on his daughter, which at times were “unbearable” for the family.

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“There were parts we didn't want to see. It was very difficult. It was clear from the beginning that we didn't want to know anything about that part. We could only imagine what she went through. Just thinking about it was enough,” she explains.

His family, who could finally turn their back on two decades of hell, waited for the moment when the accused would recognize his villainous deeds.

But above all, the verdict left those close to him with all sorts of emotions.

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Remember, the jury made their decision in forty minutes, much to Sakune's family's surprise.

“We wanted to warn the whole family and the people who want to come with us and at the same time know the verdict. […] I was convinced that their idea would already take much less time,” she sighs from the TVA Saguenay offices.

Shortly after being found guilty on all counts, Grennan was unable to deliver a message of apology to the family.

A choice that surprised Jeannine Caouette, describing Grennan's actions as “disgraceful”.

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“[Il ne peut pas] Being numb to everything that happened. It cannot be. I felt sorry for not being able to tell us anything […] I was insulted. He could not even speak, it was Mr. Infuriated François. [le juge]”, she was furious.

“What he's going through is terrible, but today, we can turn the page and Kyline can now rest in peace.”

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