Guys, don’t vote for QS!

Guys, don’t vote for QS!

Do you know the story of the scorpion drowning after he dropped the frog he was carrying on his back in the middle of the river?

“I knew if I bit the frog, I would sink, but it’s in my nature so I bit it anyway,” he said before drowning.

Well, it’s Quebec solder.

Every time this party thinks it is going to focus on vote gathering, it decides to sideline it!

What you want is in the nature of unity.

They hate authority so much that they do everything to get rid of it.

What is a woman?

So awakened, the party decided this weekend to ban all male candidates during the next by-election.

We’re only going to feature women and “non-binary” people!

Yes sir!

Ah, excuse me: yes, ma’am!

But this weekend a friend asked me: What is the definition of a woman for QS?

Can a person who looks like Laurent Duvernay-Tardif introduce himself if he feels “deep down” that he is a woman?

Can a man dressed as a woman be considered a woman?

Can a woman who feels like a man introduce herself because she has all the physical characteristics of a woman?

Why does QS accept non-binary people, but not “two minds”?

“Both” is fine, but not “both”?

Why do we prefer a straight woman to a gay man?

It seems to me that a man who likes men is more marginal than a woman who likes men, right?

If QS members had a choice between a lesbian and a bisexual woman, which candidate would they choose?

Between a bohemian woman who owns a condo on the Plateau and a worker who lives in a semi-basement in Verdun?

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Darling, intersectionality is not easy…

And wait, that’s nothing, I didn’t include race and religion in the portrait!

Why would QS put a straight white woman in front of a gay African Muslim?

That would be colonialism!

Down with patriarchy!

I consider the decision of QS as honorable.

That’s why I’m asking all the men in Quebec, the left-wing camp, to NOT vote for QS in the next elections!

Let women vote!

Let the girls express themselves!

Why should men vote?

We have had enough of the patriarchy!

Imagine if tomorrow, only non-binary people voted for QS! That would be great!

They will have a bad score, but it doesn’t matter!

Since when does the Left want to be in power?

The main thing is to be right!

After all, the election is a contest! That’s capitalism!

Will there be an election in Iran? No there isn’t!

Democracy is a western concept white people are imposing on the entire planet!

At QS, we campaign against democracy!

That’s why the party refuses to let half the people of Quebec run under its banner!

It does different politics!

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