Three flights have arrived in Canada from Afghanistan

Three flights have arrived in Canada from Afghanistan

So far, six planes with refugees have departed from Afghanistan, according to the federal government. By the end of July, he will be seeking asylum in Afghanistan Those threatened by the Taliban for helping Canada.

While the federal government has set a target of 20,000 of these refugees, some believe they have a moral and political obligation to do more.

Many Afghans targeted for deportation are already out of Afghanistan, Director of the Canadian Laboratory on Crisis and Humanitarian Aid Fran பிரான்ois Audrey notes, but significant numbers of people targeted by Canadian evacuation efforts are still trapped in Afghanistan.

They are also involved in the efforts of civil society, then there are religious minorities, some ethnic minorities, people LGBTQ, Etc., Emphasizes Frederick McGrath, Professor of Law at McGill University.

The two humanitarians agree that the Canadian government should help as many Afghans as possible, whether they cooperated in Canada’s longest military mission from 2001 to 2014 or not.

Not all countries that have directly contributed to military operations over the past 20 years have the moral choice to open their borders.

A quote:Franுவாois Audrey, director of the Canadian Laboratory on Crisis and Humanitarian Aid

Most of the burden of detaining refugees is much lower than in the United States or Canada, Mr. McGrath adds. It has always been unreasonable for neighbors, neighboring countries, and sometimes – or relatively small ones – to do anything with Afghanistan’s greatest instability. Who should take care of the large number of refugees, he condemns.

Over the past decade, the Canadian government has relocated more than 800 translators and support staff. Ottawa did not immediately mention the number of people brought in on Afghanistan’s most recent flight.

Complex functions

The Taliban seized control of the capital and the country as flights from Afghanistan to Canada ruled a particular order at Kabul airport on Monday.

The airport is now safe and Canadian military flights are scheduled to resume Wednesday.

However, the situation is tense as the number of Afghans seeking emergency relocation is still enormous. The most important thing is undoubtedly the airport, because this is the only way for Afghanistan to want to leave the country., Professor McGrath insists.

It is difficult to know how the new Taliban regime will be positioned in relation to the expulsions taking place in the country, however Excellent results He believes the government will remain blind to immigration.

Crowds wait in front of concrete walls near Kabul airport.

Thousands of Afghans flew to Kabul airport in an attempt to flee Afghanistan.

Photo: Reuters / Stringer

Meanwhile, more exits to Canada are expected Too complicated, Fran பிரான்ois Audrey believes.

The Canadian Army does not have the capability to fly a plane quickly, He mentions. Of course there will be military aircraft, but there will also be chartered or civilian aircraft […] The U.S. military can also allow evictions at a neighboring site.

Canadian ex-servicemen and opposition parties in Ottawa have accused the Liberal government of delaying in helping ex-translators in recent months after it was announced in the spring that the United States would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

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It is true that the speed with which the Taliban took control of the country surprised many. A humanitarian crisis erupted in Afghanistan during the federal election campaign that began in Canada on Sunday.

Founder Andrew Rusk did not estimate that at least 2,000 of them were waiting to be evicted.

Mr. When Trudeau was asked on Monday why his government was not acting quickly, he said he began working on surgery in the spring.

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