March 1, 2024

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Hating Martineau and Bock-Côté became the hiring criteria

Hating Martineau and Bock-Côté became the hiring criteria

Hate columnists Richard Martino and Mathieu Pog-Cott have become the hiring criteria for a nonprofit in the Eastern Townships that is looking for a communications agent.

“Grinding your teeth reading Richard Martineau and Mathieu Pog-Cot? This offer is for you!” This week, on the Facebook page of Solidarité populaire Estrie (SPE), we read in a message targeting popular columnists. Register.

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The publication promoting the company’s job offer for “collective protection of rights” was removed and later replaced by a new version that did not mention the columnists.

“I’m hiring criteria now!” Mathieu Bock-Côté (MBC) joked by posting a screenshot of the news on his Twitter account.

Hate message

Joined by NewspaperHe saw a hateful message in the publication, “even a ritual vomiting of two people who have been targeted by their opinion texts”.

“If you want to get into business, you have to tap these two, that’s the entry pinata. “If you hit Martineau and Bock-Côté, you’re part of the club,” he notes.

He also associates these behaviors with the movement of the Quebec left. “It’s very woke, very Quebec solitaire […] Insulting ourselves is almost a sign of virtue. And they took the audacity further by using this hatred of us as a criterion for hiring.

According to information collected on its website, the SPE organization was formed in 1986 with the aim of achieving greater social justice to promote and protect the economic, social and cultural interests of the people of Estri.

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unions and students

The list of membership groups is mainly made up of trade union and student unions and community groups in Estrie.

Initially, Mathieu Boc-Cot believed that the SPE was a voluntary association formed by “a few cranks” before realizing that there were radical organizations behind it.

“We need to ask whether each of these organizations supports these ideas,” he said.

Richard Martino, for his part, is concerned that getting a job depends on a candidate’s loyalty or opinions. For him, it’s like going back to the 50s.

“If you’re a communist, you’re barred from certain jobs, and you can’t hire certain columnists if you like them. […] I understand the irony of the matter, he’s looking for people on the left, but I find that irrelevant. I don’t know that governments will be too happy to fund these kinds of companies,” Martino concludes.

Here are some of the most important associations in the list of member groups of the Solidarité populaire Estrie

  • AÉCS-Student Association of Sejeb de Sherbrooke
  • AGEFLESH – General Student Association of the Faculty of Letters
  • Amnesty International – Sherbrooke
  • Regional Council -FTQ Estrie
  • CSD- Center of Democratic Trade Unions
  • CCSNE-Central Council of National Unions of Estri
  • CSQ-Central Trade Unions of Quebec
  • FEUS-UdeS Student Union
  • REMDUS – Group of Masters, Diploma and Doctorate students at UdeS
  • SCCCUS- Syndicate of UdeS Lecturers
  • SEE-Estrie Education Union – CSQ
  • SEIC-FTQ/Canada Employment and Immigration Union – FTQ
  • SFPQ—Union of Public and Parapublic Employees of Quebec
  • SPECS- Union of Teachers of the Cégep de Sherbrooke
  • CSRS-CSQ SPTA/CSRS Technical and Administrative Staff Association
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