Quebec wants to tax pesticides and outsource environmental research

Bill 102 (New window) Often modifies the pesticide law. The government wants to grant the right to tax these polluting substances, Sometimes used unnecessarily.

The Office of the Minister of the Environment, Benoit Chard, explains that the purpose is to “facilitate and promote the reduction of pesticides.”

The new addition to the law is thus intended Measures for the use of economic tools, especially rights or royalties, distribution, sale, production, use of Quebec, acquisition, storage, transport or pesticides from outside, their container, their waste or any equipment.

“Retained equipment will then be decided by regulation”, the minister’s office notes.

The introduction of the tax on phytosanitary products will be a strong move after 20 months Recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Pesticides Created in the uprising The Louis Robert affair.

Pesticide purchases outside of Quebec must be announced

In 2019, a total of 4.3 million kg of active pesticides were sold in Quebec.

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Quebec wants to strengthen sanctions with higher fines against those who violate pesticide laws. New responsibilities will fall on the users of these products.

Anyone buying pesticides outside of Quebec must obtain permission. These purchases must also be reported, which is not the case. It will Sales report Pesticides from Quebec are very loyal to reality.

Sub-contract of environmental studies

Bill 102 strengthens the research and investigation powers of the Ministry and opens the door to outsourcing of environmental research. In recent years, researchers have complained Not enough to do their duties properly.

The Minister may appoint any person to act as an inspector to ensure the application of this Act and the relevant laws., We can read. The Minister may, by agreement, authorize certain powers conferred on an inspector under this section to exercise any person other than an officer.

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More responsibilities for polluting emissions

Under current law, anyone responsible for accidentally releasing a pollutant into the environment must stop publishing. The bill adds to the obligation Recover, clean or treat contaminated material from the site release or, if this is not possible, remove contaminated material from the area affected by the release and send it to an approved location..

The bill allows the ministry to refuse to approve a new project submitted by a guilty publicist.

Dams and mining study

The government adds a missing basic article in the Dam Protection Act: Any dam must be placed in such a state of operation that it is unlikely to compromise the security of persons or property.

In another area, the bill establishes a new legitimacy for mine claimants to be allowed to consult with tribal communities during the impact mining exploration process.

End of sale of new petrol cars in 2035

As he promised Plan for the Green Economy 2030The government will ban the sale of new petrol-powered vehicles by 2035.

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