“He didn't deserve what happened to him”: A car thief was seriously injured during a police intervention

“He didn't deserve what happened to him”: A car thief was seriously injured during a police intervention

We now know the identity of the car thief who was hit with projectiles as part of a police intervention on Wednesday. This is Michael LaRue, 26 years old, who is still hospitalized at Montreal General Hospital.

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On Wednesday afternoon, rue Saint-Jacques and avenue Addington were in great commotion. The suspected car thieves allegedly drove towards the police officers in a Honda CR-V. At least one SPVM agent reportedly drew his service weapon and fired, hitting the driver.

In the afternoon, TVA Nouvelles visited his brother Jonathan LaRue in front of the Montreal General Hospital. He provided us with photos of Michael LaRue who allegedly received at least three projectiles.

Jonathan LaRue admits his brother has a history of auto theft and has served prison time in Alberta for these types of crimes. However, he did not believe for a second that Michael LaRue could have rushed at a police officer.

“If a situation arises, he wants to go around the police and not rush them. His goal is not to kill a police officer,” he says.

The brother of the alleged car thief says his mother rented the Honda CR-V. So, his brother didn't steal it but instead borrowed it even though he didn't have a driver's license.

That said, the family believes the police may have acted differently without using their service weapon.

“He was shot three times: one in the jaw, one in the neck and one in the shoulder and now there's no blood flow because it severed an artery. Now, two days later he's on the operating table because he has no jaw and no teeth in his mouth,” explains Jonathan LaRue. .

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“He didn't deserve what happened to him,” she adds.

The Independent Bureau of Investigation and SQ are trying to shed light on the story. BEI declined to comment.

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