His app said his 15-year-old son died on a scooter

The mother of a 15-year-old boy who was critically injured Sunday evening in Saint-Marie-Madeleine was immediately horrified when she saw her son lying motionless on the roadside for several minutes while consulting his observer. Application.

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“I always followed him on my phone when he went out on the scooter because I was always worried,” said Nancy Graveline with tears in her eyes. That evening, I opened my processor for the first time shortly after he left, and when I saw his small photo parked in the middle of the street on Route 116, I felt bad. Feeling. ⁇

Ms. Graveline's application and her photograph, which found her son motionless on the roadside, did not move for several minutes.

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Ms. Graveline’s application and her photograph, which found her son motionless on the roadside, did not move for several minutes.

In utter anguish, the mother of a mixed family of six children waited a few more minutes, her eyes pounding on her phone, and then rushed to the scene.

Jeremy Tesroziers was left lifeless by the roadside as his moped was violently branded. He was pronounced dead on admission to hospital.

“Died happily”

The parents of the young man who met at their home in Saint-Hyacinthe yesterday experienced great sadness, but are trying to remain calm.

“The last six months have been the most beautiful of his life.

The young man is not a big fan of school or sports. His greatest desire is to enjoy life.

“Until recently, Jeremy was always a very shy guy. Since the beginning of summer, he’s made a series of friends. It’s really been a prosperous time for him. I have never seen him smile so much.”

Jeremy Desrosier wanted the freedom his moped gave him, to see his friends and his girlfriend, and to go to the restaurant where he worked.

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He was wearing pip

He was careful behind the wheel, especially when one of his friends fell into a coma after a serious accident. Jeremy and his friends now carry a bag with echo lines when riding a moped.

“Jeremy had his pip at the time of the accident,” his mother says. Like his coat and hat, his bag was found a short distance from the crash site. “

After Jeremy’s death, his parents were hit by a “tsunami of love and support” from teenage friends. They also organized a series of mopeds to pay tribute to him in Saint-Hyacinth today. Everyone wears their bags with the nickname of their best friend (Jay) and the date of the accident embroidered on the back in honor of his memory.

On Sunday evening, a 15-year-old moped driver in St-Marie-Madeleine was killed in an accident that may have been caused by a distraction caused by a cell phone while driving.

This is one of the hypotheses considered by Sûreté du Québec’s investigators to shed light on this tragedy.

The body of Jeremy Desrocius' moped after an accident on Route 116.

Photo by QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

The body of Jeremy Desrocius’ moped after an accident on Route 116.

The collision occurred as the moped and SUV were traveling side by side on Highway 116 at 6:30 p.m.

Lane departure

For some reason, the Range Rover driver deviated from his path and hit the wall from behind. He fell to the ground and died shortly after.

As is the case in all such accidents, the two vehicles involved were impounded for assessment. Our evidence indicates that the driver’s cell phone, which violently collided with Jérémy Desrosiers’ moped, was also seized after a warrant was issued, which has not always been the case.

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Phone analyzed

So there is reason for police to believe that phone-related distraction may have been the cause of the accident. However, for the results of the analyzes to be clear, we have to wait. If investigators prove that the driver used his device during the collision, criminal charges may be filed against him. Other hypotheses such as mechanical failure are also explored.

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