These Activities Are Expected to Be Popular With Canadians This Christmas

For many people, December is their favorite time of the year. It’s when most of us get to spend time off from work in conjunction with friends and loved ones so that we can come together and enjoy some quality time.

We all have our own little traditions that make the holidays special. Some of us get new pajamas for Christmas Eve, while others enjoy caroling together. Some adore being around everyone we love, but others prefer to head on vacation to escape the crowds. With the land border with the USA reopened, some will even be considering spending the holidays in warmer climates.

Whatever little traditions we have, most of us will find ourselves crowding around a dinner table that’s overloaded with more food than we could possibly manage to stuff into our bellies. Those that aren’t left comatose by the volume of calories will likely roll their way to the sofa to veg out in front of a festive film like Home Alone (1990) or The Santa Clause (1994)

As the lethargy subsides a little, most of us will turn to various activities to have fun with the ones we hold dearest. There are many popular options that remain firm favorites every year, but there are some that come in and out of fashion as quickly as our wardrobes.

So this year, here are some of the activities Canadians are expected to enjoy this Christmas.


Games have been a popular after-dinner activity for pretty much all of recorded history. The Victorian-era parlor games contained some peculiar options but many have remained popular to this day. In fact, some have stood the test of time so well, millions of Canadians are likely to play them this year, including charades, twenty questions, and blind man’s buff.

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Card games will also be a popular choice. Many of these are as old or older than the Victorian-era parlor games; for example, blackjack, where players must try to make a hand as close to 21 as is possible, has been around for more than five centuries and has always been of the most popular games. The low cost of buying a deck of cards and the limited amounts of space required to play them mean that they’ll be incredibly popular among many Canadians.

Of course, board games of all kinds will also be enjoyed. The annual fight over the rules of Monopoly is as much of a tradition for some households as a Christmas dinner and exchanging gifts. In recent years, there has been a big resurgence in the demand for board games, with both old and new ones flying off the shelves.

Video games will also be a big part of Christmas day, especially as many people will be receiving a console, PC, or smartphone as a gift. They can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group, with quizzes and party games great options for playing together.

Outdoor Fun

While some people prefer to move as little as possible on Christmas Day, others love to go outdoors. A post-dinner walk in the brisk winter air has always been a popular tradition, and that’s unlikely to change this year.

For Canadians in areas where snow is a given, winter sports like skiing, sledding, and hockey are all popular too.

With drones becoming more affordable and accessible, there’s going to be plenty of people taking to the skies for the first time, though there’ll probably also be a few crashed landings and missing aircraft.

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While many people will be doing their cooking and baking in the lead up to the big day, some commentators are predicting there will be a big interest in baking this Christmas. Many people took an interest in making their own sweet treats in 2020 and it hasn’t fallen out of fashion yet.

A Pinterest Predicts report has shown that searches for recipes and inspiration was high in 2020 and most in the industry foresee this continuing into 2021.

Since it’s something that many people do for fun, Christmas day baking (or at least decorating already-cooked goods) is going to be popular among many amateur cooks this season.

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