His building was destroyed by Molotov cocktails thrown by miners

His building was destroyed by Molotov cocktails thrown by miners

The owner of a building burned Monday night in Mascouche is stunned by the age of the suspects who allegedly threw Molotov cocktails onto his property.

“It’s definitely amazing that the boys are doing this,” commented owner John Ira Moley.

Muskoch Police Department Capt. Maxim St. Georges reports that two of the four minor suspects caught by police smelled of gasoline and fire when they found them hiding in a surrounding yard.

The other two were found moments ago.

A person who called 911 around 11 p.m. Monday told police four people had fled before the sparks appeared. This is what put officers on the trail of the suspects, the captain said.

A few months ago it was a pizzeria a few blocks awayToday we are…” wails the owner of the burnt building anxiously.

Franchise’s business is strong

John Ira Moley is also a director of JM Tropical Wood, a tropical timber importer at the same address. He is also a major shareholder of the company that owns the business.

On site, signs indicate she also does landscaping and construction.

Despite the flames, he wasn’t worried about his business because “no equipment was damaged.” “We’re going to do our job as usual, we have to,” he said, resigning himself.

“It’s a shame, especially for my residents who lived there,” said Mr. Molly. They speak Spanish, so there is a language barrier, so I try to help them find homes. I don’t know where they’re going, they don’t have insurance.

According to the police, the tenants were foreign workers who, if they were lucky, had to leave the day after the event.

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The other good news for the tenants was that there was very little damage to the side of the building where their rooms were located, allowing them to “recover the furniture and all their personal effects”.

Photography agent QMI, Pascal Girard

According to a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous, following the incident “about eight people came out of the house and gathered on the sidewalk”.

Mr. Molly notes that the workers in question are not employed by her landscaping company.

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