Illegal meeting: $ 20,000 fine for trying to play smart

Illegal meeting: $ 20,000 fine for trying to play smart

Playing wisely with the police is not a good idea, especially when you organize a meeting that violates health measures in the midst of an epidemic.

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Magog citizens learned the hard way on Sunday evening in Magog in Estri.

In the evening, police received a complaint that a “large crowd” was taking place at a private residence in the area.

You should be aware that holding indoor meetings under government guidelines is still prohibited.

Police arrived at the scene and first noticed a large number of vehicles parked in front of the residence.

The good soldiers and agents “called on them to leave without further ado and humbly requested the cooperation of the residents of the premises to put an end to the ongoing crowd.” However, they met with definite denial.

“The owners refused to cooperate with the agents and deliberately chose to obtain a warrant,” said Reggie de Police de Mempremocock.

Police contacted a Justice of the Peace to obtain an entry warrant, which they received a few hours later.

Thus, the police returned to the scene at 9.30 pm and ended the protest.

A total of 14 people were still indoors, 13 adults and one teenager.

The party was over for them.

The 14 cases of violation of the Public Health Act will be submitted to the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases in the next few days.

All juvenile offenders face a $ 1,558 fine, while juveniles face a $ 561 fine.

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