‘Independent convoy’: The culprits will be expelled, says Marchand

Quebec Mayor Truck Conway warns that his patience with opponents will be “limited” and that those who do not follow the rules will be expelled.

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Bruno Mercantile maintains a firm stance on people moving towards Quebec with the aim of disabling the capital.

β€œIt will depend on how they perform,” he said in an interview Magazine.

“If they do not follow the rules, they hate citizens, block access to public services, block access to businesses and block the passage of emergency vehicles. It will be zero tolerance. Someone is talking about eviction because they do not respect the rules.”

“City congestion”

Cut to the mayor that “this is unacceptable” because some people are conspiring to “jamming” or “stalling” the city. “They can’t demonstrate by ‘jamming’ the city.”

In the same way, he now advises that Quebec does not tolerate gestures as we have seen in Ottawa: Ignoring health rules in public places, intimidating journalists, for example.

“You can not hate people, stand two inches in front of them and give them the middle finger. The police are not everywhere, but expect respect. And for their cause it is best.”

Heard the news

He says he was relieved to hear the news from the organizers of the protest, who pretended to be peaceful.

“This is the best news we can get at the moment. We’ll value the tree with the fruit.”

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Mr. Merchant reiterates that the right to protest is important. “They have the right to express their views. ⁇

The deputy police chief said on Wednesday that parking of vehicles outside parliament would be banned.

The mayor expressed confidence that this instruction would be respected. “Streets are controlled by carnival, it does not change.”

In fact, Carnival de Quebec is leaving this weekend, and it will occupy the premises surrounding the National Assembly.

Important party

This big party is important to Bruno Marquette – he’s going for a walk there too – he is not afraid it will be ruined because of the protesters.

“It’s one of the most anticipated carnivals in its history because of the rules of hygiene and the passage we have just experienced. It feels like finding a little light.”

Used for Quebec demonstrations, the mayor says he appreciates the quality of his police service that works for the best interests of citizens and businesses, he believes.

But none of the police sports plans have been ruled out, including the possibility of blocking other streets if the situation calls for it.

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