Scarlet Nexus – The Anticipation is Over

Scarlet Nexus is the latest action roleplaying game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, released on the 25th of June, 2021. Its launch was well planned, so it was available for various platforms from the get-go: Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The fact that Namco is producing this game hits the right note with a lot of players. Why? They have a long gaming history, even before making titles for today’s mainstream platforms like the ones just mentioned. Their most famous games were standalone arcade games, like PacMan, and some of them got translated into casino slot machine games. Nowadays, those same slot machine games still make a portion of their revenue, being the offline or online version of them (you can check them out here – online slots for real money). But, if you’re a modern Namco fan, you’re probably not thinking about arcade or slot games, but rather an action-packed RPG that they’re known for in recent days. Enter – Scarlet Nexus.

Familiar Face

This new release from Namco is a third-person perspective action game. This game mixes Devil May Cry details in swordplay, and spot targeting will remind you of Monster Hunt. Additionally, this game is a high-concept sci-fi game theme. In chapters of this game, you can see neutral implants, time travel, totalitarianism and more.

The story is located shortly in an alternative reality. You can choose Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall, both members of the Other Suppression Force. Your character will need to follow orders and clear teeming pods from Others on the margins of Civilisation.

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Character Possibilities

Characters get equipped with short-range weapons. The main character has the ability of psychokinesis to hurl objects and debris at hostile enemies. You can upgrade your character in the skill tree. The new society is based on substances from the human brain. With them, humans get extra-sensory powers. Other Suppression Force recruits new soldiers with supernatural abilities to protect humanity. Extinction Belt is a place full of mutants that are trying to attack humans. This game announced and presented new mechanisms. Telekinetic makes this action game stand out from other action games. Telekinetic moves flow with weapon attacks. The result of the transition between telekinetic and weapon attacks gives you a lot of different close-range and long-range attacks.

The game has a top-quality graphic design. Illustrations got fully developed from a combination of organic and mechanical elements. Unfortunately, the director of the game production – Kenji Anabuki, compared the game and Others – invaders in the game with the natural disasters. As a result, the game got labelled as a ”brain punk” game.

Game in Numbers

Scarlet Nexus is the fifth best-selling June 2021 in the United States and got high overall month charts. In addition, it got six positions on charts for Xbox and Play Station.

In the first week, in Japan was sold 20 160 copies of the Play Station 4 version of Scarlet Nexus. It has become the fifth bestselling retail game. Version for Play Station 5 sold 11 008 physical copies and placed it in ninth place. The user score for Scarlet Nexus is 7.8 based on 60 reviews. Critics reviews give this game 79/100 score based on 22 reviews. We will see what critics and fans will say in months to come.

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