Controversial issue: The rise of the volume after the debate in English

As the race draws closer in the country within a week of the election, Black Quebecois has made significant progress in the purpose of voting.

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The party of Yves-François Blanchet in Quebec has dropped from 27% to 30% in recent days, according to a Leger / Canadian Press poll released today.

“It was the discussion of the last leaders in English that brought about these gains. The thread of nationalism has increased. When the Cubs are attacked, the effect of unity is created,” it was confirmed. Magazine Poll Jean-Mark Locker.

Last Thursday, the arbitrator of this debate posed a controversial question to the chairman of the panel. Among other things, Mr. He said Blanchett refused and criticized Acts 96 and 21.

“We’ve talking about a three – point increase, but it’s important for the constituency, because at 30%, you’re in the pay zone. Every percentage point is seats,” Mr Locker stressed.

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It will not be easy

Yet according to the investigation, there is a good chance that Canada will wake up on September 21 with the Liberal government as the “most minority”. Liberals and conservatives neck and neck.

“It’s so tight,” Jean-Marc Locker comments. These two big parties have lost 1 point each in the last week. “

For its part, the New Democratic Party (NDP) garnered 20% of the vote.

“We see a real rivalry between Justin Trudeau’s party and Erin O’Dowl’s party. [la région du grand Toronto]But even in British Columbia and Nova Scotia, “he said.

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No dear

Unlike the previous election, no leader has become the darling of Canadians this year.

“Canadians like Quebecs don’t fall in love with someone during an election. However, they usually do,” says Jean-Marc Locker.

CowRecent poll Magazine/ Leger will be released on Saturday before the federal election.

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