Meeting at the funeral of a Muslim family who died in London

Many were eager to pay their respects to four members of the Afzal family at a funeral Saturday afternoon at the Islamic Center in southwestern Ontario in London.

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The coffins of Salman Afzal, 46, his wife Mediha Salman, 44, their daughter Yumna, 15, and grandmother Dalat Afzal, 74, wrapped in Canadian flags, arrived between prayers within 14 hours.

A large number of people attended the foreign service which started after 2 pm at the Islamic Center. The Muslim community, shocked by these recent events, is coming together to support the family. Infection is required, and participants wear masks and bring their own prayer mats in order to respect physical distance.

All four family members were tragically killed in a ram truck attack last Sunday. The 9-year-old boy, Faisal Afzal, survived and is in hospital in stable condition.

Nathaniel Weldman, 20, has been charged with killing four members of a plural family and attempting to murder a boy.

Posts on his social media suggest that the family has targeted their Muslim beliefs.

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