Is March a holiday abroad? Here are some risks that can not be underestimated

Is March a holiday abroad?  Here are some risks that can not be underestimated

Martin Dollar is a professor of tourism and travel planning at Alconquin College. He previously owned a travel agency for 28 years.

According to him, the travel and hospitality industry began to hire staff by the end of 2021. Apparently, the advent of the Omicron variant has slowed this pace somewhat due to new health regulations and the announcement by the Canadian government.Avoid unnecessary trips.

However, Canada’s figures show that 742,417 Canadian passengers were repatriated in December.

Mr. According to the dollar, this does not have to be a bad time to travel, people say Beaches and hotels can occupy 30 or 40% of their capacity.

As the off-season fares and tourist sites are still expected to be deserted for another six months to a year, Mr. Dollar agrees that it is understandable that travelers think they can no longer go by themselves. However, with COVID-19, there are several logistics issues to consider.

Ottawa Airport, vacant, mid-December (files).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Christian Battery

Tourism related difficulties

In addition to the problems associated with the Covit-19, it can be very difficult to get there once, especially if you are considering a European goal, explains Martin Dollar.

There may be rules for wearing a mask in attractive places or only offering reduced opening hours. So Mr. Dollar recommends checking in advance what you can do when you arrive.

While the beach may seem like a fair safe bet, the dollar believes that the risk of getting stuck on that beach for longer than expected is enough to prevent people from planning a trip.

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Things will be more consistent when you leave, but things will change when you get home, and you will want to make sure you have access to the most up-to-date information., He noted.

Reminder to parents of young children:

Parents of young children, including children currently unvaccinated and children under the age of five who are not yet eligible, need to consider staying home for 14 days when returning from overseas. This is the federal regulation.

So it is important to plan that they will not go to day care or school.

Exiting snowflakes should be kept up to date with changes in requirements for several months, he added. Those with tight deadlines are also at risk, for example, having to take children back to school before the end of the March break.

To enter Canada, passengers must submit proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours of departure. If a passenger has a positive test, they must wait at least 11 days before boarding the return flight.

Choose a goal [où] You can easily and comfortably undergo a screening test and return home, Mr. Said the dollar consultant.

Other delays may also occur as major Canadian airlines cancel flights due to multiple flight crew members being infected or self-isolated by Govt-19.

Does insurance cover you?

When purchasing travel insurance, you should always consider pre-existing health conditions or the need for a travel cancellation policy.

According to the dollar, there are insurance policies that cover infection-related costs, including travel interruptions, but many do not buy them.

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Florida is one of Canada’s favorite destinations. Florida is one of the states with the lowest entry requirements.

Wearing swimwear, people are on the beach and in the water.

Floridians enjoy the beach on the shores of the Sunny Islands (files).

Photo: Associated Press / David Santiago / Miami Herald

He advises to look carefully at the exemptions written in the policy, as the fees for hospital stays outside of Canada can be steep.

You also need to ask yourself what is the right reason to cancel the trip. Some Ottawa travelers have found that their cancellation insurance did not start when they chose to cancel their travel plans following government advice, even if they were insured if they had suffered from Govt-19.

Mr Dollar also warned that travel agencies could ask you to sign a waiver relieving them of any liability if something goes wrong, especially if you do not get vaccinated or follow the guidelines.

He added that most airlines, including airlines, are reluctant to make reservations during these difficult times.

This is one of the areas where they want to encourage people to travel as much as they can, rather than forcing them to travel. I think it is important to know that the industry survives in good faith.

With information Sarah Friesell, D CBC

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