Laval | $ 50,000 reward for inventing an image

Laval |  $ 50,000 reward for inventing an image

(Montreal) Sûreté du Québec (SQ) uses heavy artillery to capture 35-year-old Blake Sarbonno from Laval, a dangerous criminal wanted for pimping and several other serious forms of sexual abuse.

Released at 10:29 p.m.
Updated to 11:22 am.

Pierre Saint-Arnaud
Canadian Press

The police force has decided to join the Pan-Canadian BOLO project that will allow intensive media coverage on social networks with digital displays and billboards in Montreal, Laval, Terrephone and Quebec. BOLO, funded by the Stéphane Crétier Foundation, offers a $ 50,000 reward for anyone who allows an escapee to be found.

Police arrested him on March 19, 2020, and he is scheduled to appear on May 31, but he did not appear in court. Initially, his arrest was related to crimes against the victim, but police later identified the other three victims, and believe several more women were targeted by Sarbonno.

He is wanted for pimping, life-threatening sexual assault, armed sexual assault and third-party assault.

Warrants have been issued for Blake Sarbonov throughout Canada. The fugitive was five feet tall, weighed about 80 kilograms, had brown hair and blue eyes. He has a small tattoo on his right shoulder.

The $ 50,000 reward is available until July 12, and the BOLO program, which works in conjunction with Sun Youth, ensures that all information is kept confidential.

BOLO stands for “Be On the LookOut” or “Keep the eye open” and has been in operation since 2018. It has been used in 16 surveys so far, leading to six arrests. This is the first case of Blake Sarbonno’s use of the program in Quebec.

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