April 21, 2024

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Sunwing founder calls fly-fly revolvers idiots

Colin Hunter, the founder of Sunwing, argues that it is necessary to be “paralyzed” without knowing that it is unacceptable to dine like the passengers of the famous flight to Cancun on December 30th.

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“How many flights are you allowed to smoke and fly without wearing a mask?” 2, Introduces Etacony Entrepreneurs During a Phone Interview Newspaper.

“Whoever says I don’t know the rules, he must be an idiot living under the mountain,” he says with his usual enthusiasm.

Unnecessary attention

Earlier this week, James William Avatt, a commercial airline broker, said he had helped find a plane for his famous voyage. Magazine In his opinion, the rules in force on the plane are not clear enough.

“If they had not been stupid enough to put this on social media, no one would have known about it and they could have had a good time and lived happily ever after. By putting this on social media, Transport caught the attention of everyone from Canada to the Prime Minister of Canada, who should do the best things, ”said Colin Hunter.

Sunwing directly to Mr. for the charter of the aircraft. The businessman states that he did not contact Awad. The broker sent the young man to the Quebec company Chrono Aviation, which invited Sunwing to board the flight. The latter did not make any specific test on James William Avatt.

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“If someone pays a deposit, you give them the plane,” says Sunwing’s founder and majority partner. I don’t think we usually do background checks on flight bookers. There is no reason to do so. “

Don’t worry about the consequences

The senior in the travel industry is not worried about the consequences of this vibrating plane for Sunwing.

“I don’t think our reputation has been affected as a result,” he says. It was a charter plane, lost control. You know things like this can happen. If the four flight attendants decide to get drunk and dance, they cannot be expected to control 140 people. There are no guns on the plane to force people into their seats! “

The nuances are provided

A few days ago, Colin Hunter told La Press that it would have been “too expensive” for the plane to make an emergency landing – eyebrow-raising comments.

“This decision is usually with the commander. I made assumptions, that’s all,” Mr. Hunter defends.

The latter owns 51% of Sunwing’s and 75% of the vote, while German tourism company TUI owns 49% and 25% of the vote.

Joined by Newspaper, A TUI spokesman declined to comment on the matter, which is worldwide.