April 21, 2024

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Return to Primary and Secondary Class on Monday

(Quebec) The new National Director of Public Health of Quebec DR. Luc Boileau made his first suggestion: In the elementary and middle schools that the Legalt government desperately wanted, he would give the green light to return to class on Monday. Press.

Released at 6:51 p.m.

Tommy Sonard

Tommy Sonard

Students must wear a mask at all times, including in class. However, it is necessary to wait before restarting the extracurricular activities.

Appointed on an interim basis dR. Boileau made his recommendation to the government on Wednesday.

Photo by Paul Siason, Canada Press

D.R. Luc Boileau

At a press conference the previous day, Prime Minister Franą®šois LeCold reiterated his intention to return to school benches on January 17. He made it a “priority” because continuing distance education would be detrimental to children’s mental health. He remained in D.C. until ThursdayR. Boileau to express his opinion.

The new Govt-19 case management protocol will be implemented. D.R. Last Monday, the day he resigned, Boileau somehow confirmed the protocol recommended by his predecessor, Horacio Arruda. Isolation period for children under 12 years of age with Covit-19 symptoms has been reduced to five days. Return to class or daycare requires a negative self-examination on the fifth day of isolation.

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