Laval is advancing 50 million for its future aquaculture complex

Elected officials will vote to release the $ 50 million initially allocated to waste management to allocate this amount to the city’s future aquifer to be built near Cosmodom, between Terry-Fox Street and the highway. 15.

The project is now worth $ 125 million, the administration of Mayor Stephen Boer said in a statement Monday. This means that today’s estimated value is twice as high 61 million was initially planned.

This amount includes 20 million was announced last June by Quebec and Ottawa. 10 million of which has been spent, mainly for projects and specifications and foundations already visible near the highway.

The foundations have already been laid on the site where the future Laval Aquatic Center is to be set up.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mark Verrolt

According to Mayor Boyer’s political adviser Anis Delmut, the design-framework contract will be submitted to the city council for approval in February. Preparations are expected to resume by the end of winter, and the project is expected to be delivered by the summer of 2024. The contract will be paid in cash.

Costs skyrocket

The aqueduct has been in the city’s boxes since January 2017, but the bill has risen slightly in four years.

In 2018, the city had to cancel the call for tenders, the lowest bid received 46% more than the planned budget.

She took a step back to reconsider her case, and opposition followed Does not agree with the purpose of the project, Who would have liked Construction of several ambient swimming pools at low cost.

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Administration of former Mayor Mark Demers, Who announced his withdrawal from politics before the municipal election last fall, The contract with the winners of the architectural competition was terminated in February 2020.

A few months later, a qualifying call was launched to restart the program. The identity of the selected company will be announced next month.

Opposition parties condemn a Complete failure

With the exception of Stephen Boer’s Laval movement, both parties to the Municipal Council condemned the explosion in project spending on Monday evening.

The five members elected by Action Laval said they were He was shocked by today’s announcement, Trigger A complete failure, an administrative failure from the beginning.

In the absence of Laval sports and cultural infrastructure, this waste is a disaster.

A quote David de Codis, District Councilor of Saint-Bruno

Claude Lorocell, the interim leader of the Laval Party, condemns a plan for his part Cut off from the needs of our citizens as mayor It is regrettable that the $ 50 million released on Tuesday is being used to build the aquatic complex instead of protecting the environment.

It is said that opposition from both parties will not be enough to overturn Mayor Boyer’s decision. Elected by a strong majority on the Board in the fall.

Four years late

The future Laval Aquatic Complex aims to host the finals of the Quebec Games in the summer of 2020. Postponed to July 2021 Before being canceled last March.

The project provides for the construction of three basins: a recreational bed with a water feature; A 50 meter pool; And a diving pool including a 10 meter tower. It will have a multifunctional training studio and a gym.

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The new campus will be able to accommodate 875 bathers and 500 spectators.

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