LD Orleans loses one doctor, 3,000 patients in a state of uncertainty

In a message posted on the Facebook account Islanders Bulletin Board, Dr. Paul Bonanbond announced his retirement on July 1, 2021. The doctor has been following patients on the island since the early 1980s. He trained mainly at the Provost Medical Center.

According to his colleague Dr. Annie Loroch, the doctor had more than 3000 patients. Although he recovered some of these files, many found themselves without a family doctor.

Physician Ponenfont Procedures at Provost Medical Center

Photo: Radio-Canada / Hody Hasin

I was surprised, but it is natural for him to retire, but I want to be an alternative to him, Monique, one of his patients, wanted to keep his last name quiet. Who will replace him? Asks Louis Roy, an islander who has been a doctor for 38 years. For now, it worries.

It was a disappointment and worry because I was no longer a family doctor. I’m going to do the same as everyone else, hang out on the internet, Adds another patient, Nov Kota.

It can have an impact, Says Daniel Ovellet, pharmacist at LD Orleans and owner of Familyliprix. He says he is ready to provide some follow-up, including recommended updates for Dr. Bonanbond’s orphans.

If the files are too complex, unfortunately, we would not like the pharmacist not to change a doctor and not make the necessary assessments.

An excerpt from:Daniel Ovallet, Pharmacist and Owner of FamilyLibrix DL Orleans

Recruitment is difficult

In his opening message, Dr. Bonenfont underscores the difficulty in recruiting physicians to work at All de Orleans.

The Ministry of Health determines the number of posts available in each region each year. Île d’Orléans is part of the Beaufre Beach, despite the announcement of my departure in 2021, only 2 posts have been reserved, and the elect would not have wanted to come to the island, Can we read.

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2021 is the worst year in a long time to recruit medical residency positions in family medicine at universities this year., Believes Dr. Laroch.

Doctors want to go to the specialist … the problem remains unresolved, Underscores the doctor who wants to take some files of Dr. Bonanbond, but arrests orphaned patients.

A man wearing glasses.

Harold Noel, All-D’Orleans R.C.M.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicole Germain

Difficult condition

Harold Noel, mayor of Saint-Petronil and chairman of the All D’Orleans RCM, has been known for many years for Dr. Bonanbond’s retirement idea.

He points out that a position with the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale has opened up in recent months due to pressure from the island’s mayors. After all, this level is not yet filled. The challenge is to get a doctor to come to the island and train. This is a small environment, where there are not many doctors in a medical clinic. As for working hours, it is still demanding, said.

200 days training in the area

CIUSSS Island prospective physician is required to have at least 200 days of training in the area, which complicates recruitment.

Ministerial distribution This position is an inter-regional movement, which complicates recruitment because the candidate must have an invoice of 200 days in the region before applying., Refers to Matthew Bowen, spokesman for the CIUSSS de la Capitol-National.

We have tried a lot to recruit a candidate who wants to take charge from Dr. Bonanpond, but so far have not been successful., He adds.

Dr. Bonanband’s patients will be redistributed to other family medicine groups in the field, As much as possible, The spokesman adds. Priority Level Those who are not allowed to appoint a new family doctor immediately will be placed on the Family Physician Access Center waiting list., Mr. Bowen warns.

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